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What are Page Objects in Cypress?

The Page Object Model (POM), a trending technique used in test automation, refers to using objects/classes to represent the locators and functions of all the components related to a particular page in a web application.

In-Page Object Model (POM) design pattern, page objects are separated from the automation test scripts. This design pattern makes the code reusable, which is why Cypress has implemented POM support.

Cypress Locators are used to finding the elements on a page so that these elements can be used in the test scripts for test automation. Locators help identify the elements that need to be used to automate a certain function using Cypress Automation.

Using the Page Object Model, you can break down your web applications into individual pages and use classes to depict those pages; each page corresponds to a single class in the Page Object. The same page can be used across multiple classes in the Page Object, depending on its functionality.


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