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What are primitive data types in Java?

The most fundamental data types in a computer language are primitive data types, commonly referred to as basic data types. They serve as the foundation for all more complex data types and represent basic values like boolean values, characters, and numbers. Primitive data types typically have a fixed size and range of allowable values and are predefined by the programming language. Primitive data types are listed below:

  • Boolean: Boolean is a data type that represents either true or false.
  • Integer: Integer is whole number data type.
  • Float/Double: This data type represents numbers with decimal points.
  • Character: Character represents a single letter, symbol or digit.
  • String: String is a sequence of characters.
  • Byte: Byte mostly represents small numbers, usually 8 bits
  • Short: Short is a data type that represents a small whole number, usually 16 bits.
  • Long: Long is a data type that represents a large whole number, usually 64 bits.

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