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What are test objectives?

Test objectives are a prioritized list of verification or validation objectives for the project. The verification or validation objectives measure testing progress and ensure that testing activity supports project objectives.

Test objectives can typically be grouped into these categories:

  • Functional Correctness: Validation ensures that the application is built to support business processes and transactions. Also, make sure that you have listed all of the business processes that the application is required to support and any standards for which there is required compliance.
  • Authorization: Ensure that actions and data are available only to those users with valid authorization and require key elements of your authorization strategy, such as access to functionality and data.
  • Service Levels: Verify that the system will support the required service levels of the business by performing load and responsiveness testing on key application modules.
  • Usability: Validation that the application meets required levels of usability, user training, and KPIs.

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