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What are the best web browsers for web development?

As a web developer, the right web development tools can make a big difference when building a responsive or mobile-friendly website. If you're looking for a developer browser that provides tools for development and design, then you have there are a few browsers that are optimal for just about any project you have in mind.

Using a developer-oriented browser ensures you have complete flexibility over your website. Some benefits of using a developer browser are fast load time, built-in debugging tools, and the ability to install extensions.

Let’s look at some of the best web browsers for web development.

  • LT Browser: LT Browser is a dev-friendly browser that enables web developers and designers to test their websites for responsiveness across 50+ different viewports, including mobile tablets, desktops, and laptops.
  • You can compare the side-by-side views of a website in different device viewports. LT Browser offers developer tools to view how your website changes across different screen resolutions. It also supports hot-reloading that lets you make a change to your code without the need to refresh the viewports.

    Check out the reasons why developers should use LT Browser.

  • Firefox Developer: Firefox's standard edition includes many features and is privacy-focused. The developer edition adds a suite of developer-oriented tools. Debugging CSS and JavaScript is excellent, and coding layouts with CSS Grid are even more powerful.

  • Brave: Brave Browser offers better privacy for web developers and is three times faster than Chrome. It supports the installation of Chrome extensions, and you can also access the web using the Tor browser.

  • Chrome: Chrome is still one of the most popular browsers worldwide. With Chrome developer tools, designs and developers can debug websites and access the Lighthouse scores, which further help them track down website performance issues.

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