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What are XPath?

XPath is a core component of XSLT, a standard for transforming XML documents into other formats. It is the syntax for defining parts of an XML document and retrieving relevant information from the XML document.

XPath expressions select nodes or node sets in an XML document. These XPath expressions look much like the expressions you would use when working with a computer file system. XPath can be used in JavaScript, Java, XML Schema, PHP, Python, C and C++, and many other languages.

XSLT and XPath Expression are useful for navigating through the DOM of any XML-like language document. These languages can be used instead of relying on Document.getElementById() or Document.querySelectorAll() methods, the Node.childNodes properties, and other DOM Core features.

The XPath language uses a path notation (as in URLs) to navigate through the hierarchical structure of an XML document. It can be used in URIs and XML attribute values, but it has a non-XML syntax, so it can be converted into an algorithm.

XPath, a component of XSLT and XPointer, contains the path to an element on the web page. The standard syntax for creating XPath is as follows:


You can also use this free XPath Tester tool that is designed to allow users to test and evaluate XPath expressions or queries against an XML document. It helps ensure that the XPath queries are accurate and return the expected results.


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