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What does reCAPTCHA means?

reCAPTCHA is a free service that Google provides to help websites distinguish between automated bots and human users. It's an advanced version of the traditional CAPTCHA system and uses machine learning, risk analysis, and other technologies to protect websites. To prevent spambots from signing up for sites, the reCAPTCHA test uses artificial intelligence to verify human users. The system is designed to be passable by any human user, regardless of age, gender, education, or language.

The Turing test has been used to determine whether computer programs can exhibit human-like behavior. This behavior is examined by Google's reCAPTCHA system, which is often employed to prevent abuse of sign-up, contact forms, or comment sections. Various CAPTCHA tests are available, including real-life images and simple checkboxes.

Verification processes of traditional CAPTCHAs require users to solve tests to access a website. The tests use random letters and numbers, which are distorted for automated programs to translate. This has been a sufficient deterrence method because bots have difficulty recognizing distorted letters or numbers.


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