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What is a JavaScriptExecutor?

The JavaScriptExecutor interface enables you to execute JavaScript code through the Selenium WebDriver API. The JavaScript language itself is used to interact with HTML in a browser, and this function is required when using Selenium.

Selenium WebDriver's JavaScriptExecutor interface executes JavaScript code through the browser. The JavascriptExecutor class provides two methods for executing JavaScript code: ExecuteScript and ExecuteAsyncScript.

  • ExecuteScript:
  • With this method, you can execute JavaScript in the currently selected window or frame. The script runs as an anonymous function, and it can return values. Data types returned are:

    • WebElement
    • List
    • String
    • Long
    • Boolean
  • ExecuteAsyncScript:
  • This method executes asynchronous JavaScript in the current window or frame. The asynchronous script runs as a single thread, allowing other page elements to load and parse simultaneously with the script. This enhances the performance of your site.


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