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What is a Marionette?

A form of a design pattern called a Marionette is utilized while creating intricate user interfaces. It combines the Observer pattern and the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern. The term "marionette" refers to the idea that the controller, sometimes known as the "puppeteer," controls the perspective, much way a traditional Marionette puppet is controlled by strings.

Marionette, a hybrid application library for Backbone.js, aims to create easier to large-size JavaScript applications. It is a set of typical design and implementation patterns used in applications. It offers many features such as event handling, views, regions, composite view, etc.

Since Marionette is based on Backbone.js, it will be easy to understand and use for developers already familiar with Backbone. Durandal and Chaplin are two well-known frameworks that were based on Marionette.

Additionally, Marionette offers a framework for creating apps that help organize code and improves maintainability. Additionally, it provides a set of name and file-organizing conventions that might make it simpler to comprehend the overall design of an application.


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