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What is a QA Process?

A QA (Quality Assurance) process is a structured and systematic method used to ensure that goods or services comply with predetermined standards of quality. It includes many procedures and methods for preventing flaws, identifying issues, and improving overall quality

QA process is used at every stage of the development lifecycle, beginning with planning and continuing even after the product is released. The key objectives of a QA process are to create precise quality standards, carefully plan testing activities, design and conduct tests, manage problems effectively, and thoroughly document the entire process. It starts by defining the goals and standards for quality that act as the guidelines for testing. The scope, objectives, and resources required for testing are all determined during test planning. As part of the test design process, test cases and scenarios are developed to assess the software or product in a variety of circumstances.

In the test execution stage, the designed test cases are executed to look for errors, inconsistencies, or deviations from the intended results. Defect management, which entails logging and tracking found problems and working with the development team to address and fix them, is a crucial step in the quality assurance process. Reporting and documentation are essential for monitoring progress, summarizing results, and offering insightful information about the QA process.

The QA process needs to be modified and improved as advancements in technology and customer expectations change. Examining test results, identifying areas for improvement, and taking corrective action are all part of the procedure.


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