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What is a Self-signed Certificate?

SSL certificate allows you to encrypt Data communications across open networks. The signature on an SSL certificate ensures the integrity of the information contained within the certificate. SSL certificates must be issued and validated by a recognized Certificate Authority to create the requisite level of confidence and eliminate the use of rogue certificates impersonating legitimate enterprises (CA).

However, you can use another strategy called a self-signed certificate which does not require a signature from CA, private or public.

Self signed certificates have some advantages mentioned below:

  • It gives independence to developers from other certification issuance.
  • It is fast and easy to issue, making it useful for the test environment.
  • A self-signed certificate does not require signs from others, making it more flexible and customizable.
  • Because they are generated by the website's owner, they have complete control over the process, including certificate generation, signing, and renewal.
  • Self-signed certificates are completely free to create and do not necessitate the payment of a certificate authority.

Challenges in using self-signed certificates:

  • The most challenging aspect of self-signed certificates is that security teams sometimes lack visibility into how many they have, where they are placed, who owns them, and how the private key is stored.
  • Keeping track of self-signed certificates issued without a formal request or approval process is nearly difficult.
  • Self signed certificates could not be revoked by CA.
  • The inability to swiftly locate and cancel the private key associated with a self-signed certificate poses a significant danger.

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