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What is a test case in software testing?

A test case is a defined format for a set of certain conditions under which a tester determines if a particular functionality of a software application is working correctly or not. It consists of parameters like id, condition, steps, input and expected result, test status, etc.

It provides comprehensive information about test strategy, testing process, preconditions, and expected results. These are run during the software testing process to validate whether the application is performing the action/task for which it was developed.

It’s important to write a test case for the following reasons:

  • Achieve consistency in the test execution
  • Ensure greater test coverage
  • Avoid training every new tester on the product each time

Following are the different parameters of a test case.

  • Test case ID
  • Test scenario
  • Test case description
  • Test steps
  • Test scenario
  • Prerequisite
  • Test data
  • Test priority
  • Intended result
  • Test parameters
  • Actual result
  • Test environment details
  • Status
  • Comments

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