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What is Gherkin?

Gherkin is a business readable, domain-specific language developers use to define tests in Cucumber. It uses plain English to describe use cases for a system so that almost anyone can read and understand it.

Gherkin syntax promotes behavior-driven development by allowing developers, business analysts, managers, and other parties to understand the project's requirements and the life cycle. It makes it simple to create easy documentation of the code and provides scripts for test automation, and supports tons of programming languages.

You can use Gherkin for Selenium automation testing. It is easy to integrate Selenium with Gherkin and lets you maintain test cases which also act as appropriate documentation for the stakeholders and analysts.

Using Selenium with Cucumber can make up a framework that is easy to set up and has a low maintenance cost. It also can run feature files in parallel. Both Gherkin and Selenium can be written in Java for writing the code for steps and web automation, respectively.


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