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What is Jira?

Jira Software has become a powerful work management tool that helps teams manage various projects. Initially, Jira was intended as a bug and issue tracker, but nowadays, it's used for agile software development, requirements & test case management, project planning & tracking, and more.

As software development has become more iterative, Jira software has become the hub for managing coding, collaboration, and release stages. For test management, Jira integrates with various add-ons so that QA teams can seamlessly integrate testing into the software development cycle. QA teams use Jira issues, customized screens, fields, and workflows to manage manual and automated tests.

Jira Software provides out-of-the-box scrum and kanban boards for teams using agile methodologies. Boards provide time-tracking capabilities and real-time performance reports (burn-up/down charts, sprint reports, velocity charts) that enable teams to monitor their productivity over time closely. These task management hubs allow transparency across teamwork and visibility into the status of every work item.

LambdaTest's Jira integration allows you to create issues in Jira directly from the LambdaTest platform. You can push annotated issues to a project of your choice, assign it to the required teammate, and attach screenshots with one click. The fields you populate when marking as a bug through LambdaTest will be displayed on the Jira ticket for a testing instance.


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