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What is JUnit testing?

JUnit is an open-source test automation framework to perform unit testing of web applications. It tests each unit or component of the web application, like classes and methods. JUnit helps create and run repetitive test cases to ensure your code works as expected.

You can use it along with Selenium WebDriver to automate web testing. In addition, the JUnit testing framework allows you can create test cases in a more organized format.By performing JUnit testing of your web applications, you can spend more time reading code than writing it. Therefore, improving the code's reliability and making it bug-free.

To automate unit testing, JUnit is the first choice of developers. Developed by Erich Gamma and Kent Beck, JUnit was created for scripting and automating repetitive test cases.

JUnit provides numerous benefits to perform JUnit testing of your websites. Additionally, it lets you quickly identify code exceptions and run test cases generated by previous versions. It makes developers read code by providing a test-driven environment.

Selenium with JUnit is one of the popular choices for performing JUnit testing of web apps due to its ability to run the script on multiple browsers and platforms.

Check out the steps to perform JUnit testing with Selenium.

  • Download JUnit Jars
  • Include Jars in your Selenium project
  • Add JUnit annotations and methods to your test scripts
  • Automate your testing using any cloud testing platform like LambdaTest

For more information, please refer to our JUnit tutorial .


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