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What is my geolocation?

IP-based Geolocation is mapping IP addresses to the real-world geographic location of a computing device or mobile device. It is used to find where a website visitor is located, what Internet connection they have, and what ISP (Internet Service Provider) they use.

There are several ways to determine a user's geolocation: The HTML5 Geolocation API, cell signal triangulation, and IP address. A geolocation tool can help you pinpoint where your potential customers are and pre-populate country codes on forms. It can also allow you to display different languages to site visitors based on their location, reducing credit card fraud and combating illegal spam. We used an IP address paired with a geographic location to provide geolocation data.

Although it would be nice to identify the location of every visitor to a site, it's impossible to pinpoint a host's exact location using only its IP address. However, there are tools available to help approximate visitors' locations. You can also use a third party to look up the IP address. Also, by using the traceroute command, you can discover the physical location of an IP address. The names of routers through which packets flow from your computer to the server hosting that website might hint at the geographical path of the final location.


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