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What is pair testing?

Pair testing is a software testing technique in which two team members collaborate to evaluate a software application or system. It is also known as buddy testing or peer testing.

In pair testing, one team member serves as the tester, while the other serves as the observer. The tester runs the test scenarios while the observer observes and notes. During the testing process, the observer may comment or provide feedback to the tester.

The primary goal of pair testing is to improve the effectiveness of the testing process by using the team members' cumulative knowledge and skills. Working together, the pair can detect errors and issues more quickly and efficiently, reducing overall testing time and increasing software product quality.

How to perform pair testing?

Here are the steps to follow to perform pair testing:

  • Choose your testing partner: Locate a team member familiar with the application and testing methods.
  • Choose a testing strategy: Decide on a testing strategy, such as exploratory testing or test case-based testing.
  • Specify the objectives of the test: Define your goals for testing the program, such as discovering bugs or testing new features.
  • Set up the testing environment: Ensure you have the proper hardware, software, and testing tools.
  • Assign roles: Assign responsibilities such as driver and navigator to each team member. The driver carries out the test cases while the navigator reviews them and provides feedback.
  • Carry out the testing: Collaborate to execute the test cases and document any flaws or issues.
  • Provide feedback: To improve future testing sessions, share input on the testing approach, test cases, and outcomes.
  • Keep track of the outcomes: Keep track of the testing findings, including any flaws, difficulties, and feedback.
  • Take follow-up: Evaluate the results and follow up on any faults or issues discovered during the testing session.

If you are interested in learning pair testing, We recommend reading our pair testing tutorial, which provides a complete and extensive explanation of the testing technique.


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