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What is Sandbox?

Testing is a crucial part of the software application development process. It is one of the final stages before your software is pushed to production. To perform secure testing, developer and testers typically use a sandbox environment. A sandbox enables them to test and run their software application without worrying about whether associated apps or network components will be affected by these tests.

Sandbox provides a safe virtual environment to test harmful code or run third-party software without affecting your system’s local files. Web development and cybersecurity teams use the sandbox to test and monitor the software applications safely.

The primary purpose of a sandbox is to provide a testing environment that mimics the live (production) environment. However, it is excluded from other organization assets like the servers used to run websites, applications, and databases that store user details. Using this approach, testing issues are limited to the sandbox and won’t jeopardize other systems and resources.

When the code with sandbox is tested, it is then deployed to the production environment and accessible to end-users.

Following are the benefits of a sandbox:

  • By sandboxing, devices and operating systems are protected from potential threats.
  • A sandbox can prevent zero-day attacks. Due to the fact that developers cannot immediately patch zero-day exploits, zero-day attacks are inherently harmful. As a result, sandboxing mitigates damage by concealing malware from your machine.
  • It quarantines malware and viruses, thereby helping cyber experts to study and analyze threat trends.
  • Sandbox and RDP (remote desktop protocol) setups help businesses ensure a secure external network connection.

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