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What is Software testing?

Delivering an optimum quality software application has always been the priority of developers and testers. Therefore, validating all the features and other software components is necessary under different expected and unexpected conditions. This is where software testers are hired to test each function of the software product and its components. The factor 'quality' is dependent on the bugs or defects present in the software. The higher the bugs, the lower the software quality, and vice-versa.

Software testing is the process of validating a system and its components to check whether it satisfies the end-user-specified requirements or not. It helps identify gaps and errors and compares missing and actual requirements. Software testing considers all attributes like reliability, scalability, usability, and portability and evaluates the execution of software modules to find software bugs, errors, or defects.

It is one of the crucial phases of the software development life cycle (SDLC) that ensures the delivery of the best quality software applications to the end users & customers, as per their expectations.

Following are the few benefits of software testing.

  • Early bug detection
  • Enhanced software quality
  • Improved security
  • Browser and device compatible applications
  • Cost effective
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Speed up development process
  • Reliable software product

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