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What is the difference between an Alert and a Popup?

Alert and a popup are graphical user interface components used to show the user information in a different window or dialog box.

A message box in the middle of the screen is an alert.A pop-up is a small window that overlays the active screen.
They are utilized to provide users with crucial information or alerts.Pop-ups are frequently used to ask for more details or to confirm a decision.
They are frequently used to show error messages or other crucial information, like verifying a decision that can have repercussions.They are often used to request further information or to display advertisements and are typically smaller and less intrusive than warnings.
Alerts have a simple design with a brief message and one or more buttons that the user can press to respond.Popups can have more complex layouts and functions. For instance, a pop-up can have a form for the user to fill out, a video player to watch, or a calendar to choose a date.

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