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What is the difference between an Error and an Exception?

The error represents a scenario primarily arising from a lack of system resources. It mostly happens during runtime. Errors include things like memory issues and system crashes.

It frequently occurs in developer-written code or applications. The issues that may arise during compilation and execution are the exceptions. Checked exceptions and Unchecked exceptions are the two different categories of exceptions.

The error denotes a problem primarily brought on by a lack of system resources.The issues that can occur during compilation and execution are the exceptions.
Errors cannot be corrected once they have been made.You can recover from an exception.
All errors in Java are unchecked.The exceptions in Java can be checked or unchecked.
Errors are caused by the system that the program is operating on.The program's code is responsible for exceptions.
They have been specified in the java.lang.Error package.They have specified in the java.lang.Exception package

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