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What is the difference between Manual and Automation testing?

Manual testing is a crucial part of software development. It involves human intervention and can be performed by a team of testers who check that the application functions as intended. Manual testing is suitable for applications with a user interface, as testers can visually inspect the software to ensure that it meets the required standards.

On the other hand, automation testing involves using specialized tools and software to execute tests automatically and compare the results with the system's expected behavior. Automation testing speeds up the process and makes it more efficient by reducing manual testing.

Automated testing can be applied to various testing needs, including functional testing and regression testing. Automated tests can be executed using Selenium or Cypress, which provide specialized interfaces for creating and executing tests.

The key differences between manual and automation testing are:

  • Test Execution: In manual testing, test cases are executed manually by testers, while in automation testing, the test cases are executed using automated tools.
  • Time and Effort: Manual testing requires more time since testers must execute test cases and report defects manually. On the other hand, automation testing requires less time and effort since the tests are executed automatically.
  • Human Mistakes: In manual testing, there is a higher chance of human error, while in automation testing, the possibility of human error is significantly reduced.
  • Test Coverage: Manual testing is generally suitable for small and medium-sized applications, while automation testing is better suited for larger and more complex applications.
  • Execution Cost: Manual testing is generally more cost-effective for small and medium-sized applications, while automation testing is more cost-effective for larger and more complex applications.
  • Test Repetitiveness: Automated tests are well-suited for repetitive testing tasks, while manual testing may become tedious and error-prone when dealing with repetitive tasks.
  • Maintenance: Automated tests require maintenance, and the cost of maintaining automated tests may exceed the cost of manual testing. On the other hand, manual tests are easier to maintain, and the cost of maintaining manual tests is generally lower.

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