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What is the difference between test plan and test case?

A test plan is a blueprint that outlines the strategy, approach, resources, and schedule for testing a specific software application or system. A test plan typically includes information such as the scope of testing, test objectives, test deliverables, test environment, and the roles and responsibilities of team members. The main aim is to provide a clear and organized approach to testing and to ensure that all aspects of the software have been considered and tested before release to end users.

On the other hand, a test case in software testing is a specific set of instructions or steps used to test a specific feature or functionality of the software application. It includes details such as the expected outcome, input data, and any pre-conditions that need to be met before the test can be executed. Test cases are typically created based on the requirements and specifications of the software and are used to verify that the software functions as intended. They are usually organized in a test suite and are executed by the testing team to identify any bugs or defects in the software.

In summary, the test plan outlines how the testing will be performed, and test cases are the specific instructions used to perform the testing.

Looking for a quick success guide to building test plans? You've hit the spot! To read more information, give a read to our Test plan tutorial.


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