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What is whitelisting?

IP whitelisting plays a crucial role in protecting your system against automated security threats, particularly during penetration tests. By implementing IP whitelisting, you can ensure that only trusted IP addresses have access to your tools, significantly enhancing your automated security measures. Unlike regular access restrictions, whitelisting creates an exception for website traffic that would have otherwise been denied or blocked. This powerful technique enables administrators to safeguard their IP addresses from threats originating from both the local network and the broader internet.

Whitelisting, however, makes an exception for the website traffic that would have been denied or blocked ordinarily. Administrators can safeguard their IP addresses from threats from the local network and the internet by whitelisting.

The whitelist IP approach to network access control means that only specific IP addresses are allowed by a network administrator to access the network. It is based on the strict policy that the administrator shares with users who need to access the network. The administrator compiles this list of applications and destinations that the users require. When a user requests access, it is allowed if it is whitelisted in the list.

Furthermore, the use of any application or service not on the whitelist is denied by the device. The whitelist permits communication to specific applications or services while others are denied as:

  • They can be malicious programs or a piece of ransomware.
  • Contains inappropriate material.
  • Facilitating the use of ShadowIT.
  • There is a potential risk that sensitive data will be leaked.

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