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Which operating system is best optimized for web apps?

Without the right context, it is hard to define the best-optimized operating system for web apps. Developers frequently wonder whether the operating system is the finest and most compatible with their requirements in the context of web apps and web app development. Because the answer is dependent on various factors here, we can discuss some of those factors to compare Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

macOSWindows Linux
Web app processingGreatGoodGreat
Creating native client-side web applications GreatGood Great
Creating cross-platform, client-side web applicationsFlexible with Linux, Limitation with Windows.Limitation with bothFlexible with macOS, Limitation with Windows
Back end developmentExcellent for native back-end; suitable for Linux; VM for Windows Excellent for native back-end; VM for othersBest possible native back-end; suitable for macOS; virtual machine for Windows

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