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Who prepares a test plan?

A test plan is typically prepared by the testing team or a designated test lead/manager. The test plan is usually created during the planning phase of the software development life cycle (SDLC), and it is a collaborative effort between the testing team, development team, project manager, and other stakeholders.

Test Lead/Manager or testing team is responsible for creating the test plan, which outlines the overall testing strategy, approach, and schedule. They also work with the development team to identify the scope of testing, test objectives, and test deliverables. They also define the test environment, test cases, and the roles and responsibilities of team members.

It is quite essential noticing that the test plan is a living document and it should be reviewed, updated and approved by all stakeholders before testing starts providing necessary feedback to ensure that it meets the requirements and expectations.

Looking for a Test Plan? Want to make sure you're building the right one? To know more, give a read to our Test plan tutorial.


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