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Why are Playwright tests running slow or timing out?

Various reasons can make Playwright test execution slower; here are some reasons with solutions:

  • Using broad selectors or selectors with multiple matches could slow down your test. To prevent that, make sure you use the correct and precise selector to locate the web element.
  • Using wait functions to ensure the element is present. Because of its page, loading time increases and resists the test to timeout.
  • Playwright automation supports multiple browsers, such as Chromium, Firefox, and WebKit. If you use a slow browser to execute a test, it will take longer to time out.
  • Browser with GUI makes test execution slow, so test with Headless browser, which you can enable by passing
    headless: true
    In the Playwright config file. It will make your test faster and more efficient.
  • Playwright allows parallel testing on different browsers. Running the test in parallel can reduce overall runtime because multiple tests run simultaneously.

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