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Why can Selenium not handle alerts, pop-ups, and other web page elements?

In Selenium, an alert is a small message box on the user's screen to provide information or notification. It alerts the user with specific facts or errors, requests authorization to carry out particular tasks, and displays warning messages.

Let’s discuss a few methods on how you can handle alerts in Selenium -

  • void dismiss() - When a pop-up window appears, the dismiss() method clicks the "Cancel" button.
  • void accept() - The accept() method activates the pop-up window's "Ok" button as soon as it appears.
  • String getText() - The text displayed in the alert box is returned by the getText() function.
  • void sendKeys() - The sendKeys() function enters the given string pattern into the alert box.

Below are the following methods to handle pop-ups in Selenium -

  • Driver.getWindowHandles() - To switch between different open windows, use the Driver.getWindowHandles() function. It stores a set of handles for all currently open pages.
  • Driver.getWindowHandle() - Obtains the handle of the focussed web page. Driver.getWindowHandle() also acquires the address of the active browser.

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