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Why does my website look different on different browsers?

Every browser has its way of interpreting web elements, so the look and feel of a website can vary depending on the browser used to access it.

Let’s see why your website looks different on different browsers:

  • HTML/CSS may not work with all browsers: HTML and CSS are constantly evolving and changing. To keep up with the latest HTML and CSS additions, upgraded versions of languages, and changes to their features, browsers need to ensure that they support the latest iteration.
  • For example, CSS flexbox is a new addition, and multiple browsers don’t support it. If any of these browsers render a web page that uses CSS flexbox, the page will likely break as the browser won’t comprehend the language, even though it renders fine on a different browser.

  • Browser renders default web elements differently: Browsers translate the information in the default settings when they read the code behind your website. For example, Safari and Chrome have different default fonts, but the font changes when you view your website in these browsers. Default settings of the web browser are common reasons for variance between browsers. The website’s appearance might change, but the user experience and functionality remain the same.
  • Operating system and resolutions: The operating system and resolution play an important role in viewing the website. Developing a website in one screen resolution impacts when you render it in lower or higher screen resolutions across different operating systems.

The factors mentioned above contribute to rendering websites differently in different browsers. To avoid browser compatibility issues, you must perform cross browser testing of your websites and web applications on the right set of browsers, browser versions, and OS combinations. It’s important to consider key browser statistics for cross browser testing and select the right browsers based on your target audience.


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