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Why is Appium not detecting elements on the page?

While testing your mobile app, you may ask the user permission to test certain features. The mobile app might ask the user permission to access the device's contacts, notifications, and media. Certain system dialogs or popups might appear, asking the user to grant access.

Allow or deny all permissions on Android:

Appium can grant all permission requests automatically, saving you time. You can use the autoGrantPermissions capability to accept permission and alert requests automatically. Appium extracts required permissions from the Android Manifest and grants these.

Allow or deny all permissions on iOS:

Appium offers two capabilities for automatically accepting or dismissing alerts on iOS, which can be useful when running your tests. autoAcceptAlerts will automatically accept any alerts, including permission popups, that might appear during your test. autoDismissAlerts will automatically dismiss any alerts, including permission popups, that might appear during your test.

Allow or deny specific permission:

You can decide to accept or reject popups and alerts during your test. This will require the test to find the element that contains the popup or alert and perform a click action on that element.


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