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Why is Appium not detecting elements on the page?

An Element Locator is an address by which Appium identifies a UI element on the mobile app. Each app screen contains multiple UI elements, so each must be identified with a unique parameter. The findElement and findElements command in Appium allows you to search for elements on a web page. The Find methods take a locator or query object called By.

Generally, this problem occurs when either element is not visible in the viewport or has not yet been rendered. You should try the following things:

Furthermore, the use of any application or service not on the whitelist is denied by the device. The whitelist permits communication to specific applications or services while others are denied as:

  • Use findElement to check if an element is in the DOM but outside the viewport.
  • You can add a delay to avoid rendering issues before accessing the elements. Appium provides Explicit wait/Expected conditions to accomplish this task.

You can use the following syntax:

WebDriverWait wait = new WebDriverWait(driver,20);

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