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Why is Playwright not detecting elements on the page?

There could be various reasons why the Playwright automation framework is not able to detect web elements on the web page.

Here are some possibilities with solutions:

  • The Playwright uses various methods to select elements, such as the CSS Selector, for example
  • const element = await page.$('.my-class');

    It will select an element with an ID. And another method is the XPath expression; for instance,


    Here, it will select the ‘div’ element from class “my class”. It is necessary to use the correct selector for the element you are locating.

  • When the page is dynamically generated, elements may not be available in the page resource; in such cases, use the “wait” function to wait for the element to come to the page before you locate it.
  • A Playwright is comparatively new and constantly improving, so there might be a chance that it is an error from their front; so try to update your Playwright framework’s versions.
  • If the solutions mentioned above do not work, contact the Playwright community for help.

You can also use this free XPath Tester tool that is designed to allow users to test and evaluate XPath expressions or queries against an XML document. It helps ensure that the XPath queries are accurate and return the expected results.


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