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Why Playwright is not able to run tests on remote machines or in the cloud?

Playwright automation framework supports testing over various web environments such as remote machines, local machines, and clouds like Azure and AWS. To run a test on remote machines, you need to set up the remote environment to run the Playwright test on remote machines.

Here are some ways to set up the environment for your Playwright test to run on remote machines or the cloud:

  • Use cloud-based services like Azure, DevOps, or AWS Device farm that provides a well-managed test environment with various supported browsers and devices.
  • You can set up a custom testing environment like Docker and Vagrant that allows Playwright to test in a virtualized environment.

Additionally, running tests on remote or cloud environments or remote machines brings some additional complexity, such as network latency or differences in browser behaviors. So, making a plan and setting it up carefully is highly recommended.


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