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Ensure A Robust CI/CD Pipeline With GitLab CI & LambdaTest

Learn how you can use GitLab CI & LambdaTest to ensure a robust CI/CD pipeline for smooth build deployment and ensure your web application is bug free.

20 FEB 2020 | 10 AM PST

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Gone were the days when Jenkins was the only option available to perform CI/CD operations. Today, we’ve got numerous CI/CD tools that offer greater flexibility in configuring and monitoring CI/CD pipeline. One such CI/CD tool is GitLab CI..

We hosted another detailed and informative webinar about building a robust CI/CD pipeline by leveraging GitLab CI, along with LambdaTest. The webinar was hosted by our director of product and growth, Mudit Singh and was led by our VP Technology, Mayank Bhola.

Mayank has been the backbone of our cloud-based infrastructure and DevOps at LambdaTest. He makes sure that our cross browser testing cloud is always up & ready to shoot 2000+ real browsers for our 150,000+ happy customers. Mayank has also been the brains behind many enhancements implemented over our platform.

In this webinar, Mayank has shared his expertise around GitLab CI to help budding and experienced DevOps professionals build a robust CI/CD pipeline, ensuring their release cycles are as stable as ever.

For the uninitiated, the webinar was kickstarted with an introduction to CI/CD, best practices for ensuring a stable CI/CD pipeline. We also talked about the difference between continuous integration & continuous delivery. We then deep dived into what GitLab CI is all about and how you can get the maximum out of it for your upcoming release. The webinar covered:

  1. Configuring a CI/CD pipeline for a sample web-application.
  2. GitLab CI YAML.
  3. GitLab CI Variables.
  4. Integration between GitLab CI and LambdaTest for Selenium testing.
  5. Parallel testing to speed test execution times by multiple folds.
  6. Monitoring GitLab CI/CD pipeline

At the end we had a Q&A round where we answered interesting questions by the attendees. In case you missed this extensive webinar around GitLab CI/CD, you can find the entire recording over our YouTube channel. Cheers and happy testing! :)

Thanks to everyone who tuned in, it was a pleasure to e-connect with you all.

In case you missed the webinar make sure to catch the recording.


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