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Browser Compatibility Testing of AV1 video format

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Browser Compatibility Testing of AV1 video format

AV1 video format

AV1 (AOMedia Video 1) is a royalty-free video format by the Alliance for Open Media, meant to succeed its predecessor VP9 and compete with the HEVC/H.265 format. AV1 is another video codec that guarantees to encourage organizations and people transmit great video over the web proficiently, without paying eminence expenses. AV1 is the primary task to leave the Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia), a consortium that advances media codecs, arrangements, and innovations for the general population web. Mozilla joined AOMedia in 2015 as an establishing part. Mozilla supports open media codecs like AV1 in light of the fact that they can possibly evacuate specialized and money related boundaries for individuals who need to make and offer superb media encounters on the open web stage.

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Google Chrome

AV1 video format is not compatible for Chrome browser version 4 to Chrome browser version 67.

Mozilla Firefox

This browser property is not compatible for Firefox browser version.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer browser version 6 to Internet Explorer browser version 11 doesn't support this browser element.


Safari browser is not compatible with this browser property.

Microsoft Edge

AV1 video format element is not supported by Microsoft Edge browser.


Opera browser doesn't support this browser property.

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Real Time Testing on Chrome browser
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"Can I use" provides up-to-date browser support tables for support of front-end web technologies on desktop and mobile web browsers.

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