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Easily test your web and mobile apps with online Android emulators. Ensure compatibility with all Android versions, devices, and screen sizes using over 5000+ browsers and devices without any setup/maintenance.

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Real Device Cloud for Mobile Testers

100% Accuracy is Essential - Switch to Real Device

Mobile emulators and simulators offer a glimpse, but they fall short in mimicking real-world scenarios. Don't settle for emulations/simulations; choose real device.

Check Natural gestures - pinch to zoom in, 2 fingure scroll etc

Check Detailed device and app/crash logs

Check Integrate with TestFlight, AppStore

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Real Device Cloud
Live Android Emulator Testing

Live Android Emulator Testing

Perform live testing of your app and browser on the latest Android emulators, including Samsung S24, Google Pixel 8, OnePlus 11 and many more. Our platform supports Android versions from 7 to 14


2M+ Devs and QAs rely on LambdaTest

Deliver immersive digital experiences with Next-Generation Mobile Apps and Cross Browser Testing Cloud

Automated Android Emulator Testing

Execute your application and web application tests using LambdaTest's Android emulator, utilizing frameworks like Appium, XCUITest, and more.


Key Features for Testing on Android Real Devices


Test Native, Hybrid, and Web Apps

Test your native mobile applications using LambdaTest’s online real device cloud,Reduce costs by eliminating your in-house device lab.


In-built Chrome DevTools

Use faster Chrome DevTools to debug webapps across multiple devices with different screen sizes.


Quick App Uploads

Install multiple apps in one session and easily upload .aab, .apk, .ipa files, or install directly from the Play Store/App Store

Unlimited Screenshot Testing

UI Inspector

Utilize the UI Inspector to analyze and debug your app's user interface, ensuring optimal layout and functionality.


Geolocation testing

Ensure global user satisfaction. Test from 170+ geoIP locations to achieve peak performance for websites and apps.


Network Throttling

Check different network scenarios to evaluate the app and web behavior when faced with various levels of data throughput.

Customer Success Is Our Success

Transform Workflow with Productivity Enhancers

Here's why LambdaTest is the top choice for mobile testing among over 2 million developers and quality analysts

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Get access to industry leading 24x7 dedicated support

Local Host

Local Host

Perform faster local testing with UnderPass app, built for secure tunnels

120+ Integrations

120+ Integrations

Fits seamlessly into your testing stack with out-of-the box integrations

Native DevTools

Native DevTools

Use native DevTools to debug and optimize your apps effortlessly

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an android emulator?
An android emulator is a virtual device that allows you to test your app and/or website over a device that isn't available to you physically but by imitating it virtually. For example, you can leverage an online android emulator to help you test the responsiveness of your website across a variety of mobile devices from your desktop through a virtual environment. You won't have to buy a real mobile device as you can work with a mobile browser emulator which would resemble the look and feel of your website over a particular mobile view.
What are the advantages of using an Android emulator?
An Android emulator helps you save both time & money involved in a test cycle. You save money as you don't have to buy real mobile web or app testing devices. Plus, using an Android Emulator online can save you time. You can instantly access dozens or hundreds of different devices for app testing and website testing without purchasing, downloading, or installing anything.
Are online android emulators reliable for testing?
Yes, an online android emulator is a reliable option to consider for mobile web testing. Although, they’re not 100% accurate, as they might not be able to replicate the differences in API, gesture, and a few specific behaviors observed on mobile devices.
How does LambdaTest help with android app and web testing?
LambdaTest offers a cloud-based testing platform that allows you to test your website on 3000+ real desktop and mobile browsers and 140+ Mobile device environments over various operating systems in Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. By signing up on LambdaTest, you also get complimentary access to LT Browser, a dev-friendly browser explicitly designed for developers to perform responsive testing on the go with out-of-the-box functionality such as mirrored interactions, hot reloading, etc.
How to use an Android emulator online?
To use an Android emulator online, you can utilize cloud-based Android emulator platforms like LambdaTest or any other. These platforms allow you to access and run Android emulators directly in your web browser without the need for local installation.
Can I use an online Android emulator for app development?
Yes, online Android emulators are suitable for app development and testing. They provide a platform to check the compatibility of apps across different devices and Android versions, helping developers identify and fix issues efficiently.
What types of apps can I test using the online Android emulator?
You can test a wide range of Android apps, including mobile games, productivity apps, social media apps, and more. The emulator provides a versatile environment for comprehensive app testing.
Can I use the online Android emulator for automated testing?
Yes, many online Android emulators support automated testing. Integration with testing frameworks and CI/CD pipelines enables developers to automate the testing process, ensuring efficient and reliable app testing.
How does the online Android emulator handle performance testing?
The online Android emulator typically provides features to assess app performance, including CPU usage, memory consumption, and response times. Developers can use these metrics to optimize their applications for better user experiences.
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