Nexus 5x Emulator Online

Your search for an Android smartphone emulator is finally over. Try our official Nexus 5x Emulator to test any Android app and website on latest as well as legacy OS versions.


Native App Testing on Nexus 5x

Upload your Nexus 5x apps (.apk file) and test it on our official Nexus 5x emulators. Run tests from anywhere in the world.

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Cross Browser Testing on Nexus 5x

Nexus 5x emulator helps you test your mobile website and web app on various browsers of the device. It automates your testing with Appium grid.

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LambdaTest Nexus 5x Emulator Comes with Unique Features

You can test your websites and Android applications using the best-in-class Nexus 5x emulator. Automate your mobile app and web testing with our appium grid.

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Native App Testing on Nexus 5x Emulators

We will help you perform native app testing on Nexus 5x and test the functionality, UI or accessibility features of your android app with the help of official Nexus 5x emulators running latest or legacy versions of Android platforms.
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Native App Testing on  Nexus 5x Emulator
Test Web Apps on Mobile

Nexus 5x Emulator to Test Browser Compatibility

Get cross-browser testing done with the Nexus 5x browser emulator. Test your website on a cloud environment with an online Nexus 5x emulator for browser testing.
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Geolocation Testing on Nexus 5x Emulator

Using Geolocation Capabilities, you can have runs from more than 50 different geographic locations tat too while running automation test scripts. Just specify the locations in your test script, and the tests will run on Nexus 5x from those locations.
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Geolocation Testing on Nexus 5x Emulator
Test Local Pages On Android Browser Emulator

Test Locally Hosted Website and Apps on Nexus 5x Online

LambdaTest has developed the Underpass, an automated browser testing solution, without any complicated installation process. With the Underpass, you can create a tunnel to perform cross-browser testing and app testing of your locally hosted or privately hosted website and app on official Nexus 5x emulators on cloud.
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Appium Automated Testing with Nexus 5x Emulator on Cloud

Help uncover bugs in your app and provide a better user experience faster then ever by running automated tests on the latest or retro version of the android OS on Nexus 5x emulators online.
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Test across 3000+ devices

Want to test on real Nexus 5x devices online? We can help !!

Explore our real device cloud including a real Nexus 5x to test your mobile app or website.

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3000+ Environments

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120+ Integrations

120+ Integrations

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Want to test on real Nexus 5x devices online? We can help !!

Explore our real device cloud including a real Nexus 5x to test your mobile app or website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to emulate Nexus 5x?
There are many options to emulate Nexus 5x. You can follow these two methods:1. You can buy software, download, and install an emulator on your computer. 2. You can use LambdaTest to get started with a virtual Nexus 5x device on our cloud - no downloads or installations required!
How do I get Nexus 5x emulator?
Get quick, easy access to the Nexus 5x emulator on LambdaTest’s cloud platform, available to everyone. The emulator is integrated with popular communication apps, making it easier communicate in team and test your app’s functionality in a real-world environment. You can also get features like geolocation testing, localhost access, screenshots and video recording for each test run.
What are the advantages of using Nexus 5x emulator ?
Nexus 5x Emulators can save you money and time. If you want to test your app or website on a real Nexus 5x, you’ll have to buy it, download the desired OS, and install it. However, with LambdaTest emulator, you can instantly access all kinds of devices that can simulate any kind of device—including a Nexus 5x—without having to download anything.
Are online Nexus 5x emulators reliable for testing?
Yes, Nexus 5x emulators are a good option to consider when testing your Website and Native app. However, they're not 100% accurate due to the differences in API, gestures and specific behavior of mobile devices.