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Test your apps manually and automate on APK Emulator Online. Ensure compatibility across 5000+ latest Android devices and legacy versions.

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Online APK Emulator for App Testing

100% Accuracy is Essential - Switch to Real Device.

Mobile emulators and simulators offer a glimpse, but they fall short in mimicking real-world scenarios. Don't settle for emulations/simulations; choose real device.

CheckDetailed device and app/crash logs

Check Test Natural Gestures based Features

Check Integrate with AppStore,PlayStore, AppCenter and TestFlight

Real Device Cloud

Perform Testing with Online Apk Emulator


Test Locally Hosted Apps

Effortlessly test your mobile applications with LambdaTest tunnel for seamless performance across various devices.


Extensive Android versions

Explore Android devices like Pixel, Oneplus, Galaxy with Android versions like Android 11, 10, Pie (9) and more.

Uploads Files

Uploads Files

Install multiple apps in one session and easily upload apk files and install directly from the Play Store


Simplify Debugging

Effortlessly debug your Android APK with detailed logs, crash reports, video recordings, and screenshots for each test.


Geolocation testing

Test your mobile app from different geoIPs to make sure your users get the perfect experience across all locations.


Network Throttling

Ensure seamless user experience by checking your mobile view application responsiveness on various network profiles.


Test Logs and Detailed Insights

Streamline bug logging process with detailed logs, providing insights for faster and higher-quality builds.


Easy App Control

Effortlessly manage application installation, termination, and uninstall applications within the Apk Emulator Online.


Device Control Features

Easily manage volume, lock device, shake, on-screen keyboard, and rotate in the Apk Emulator Online.

App Automation

Automate Appium & Espresso tests on APK Emulator

Save time and improve app quality! Our online APK test lab runs tests on real and emulated Android devices simultaneously, cutting down execution time. Automate with Appium, Espresso & XCUITest.
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Switch to Real Devices for Optimal Testing Experiences


Public Real Device Cloud

Optimize app testing with our Public Real Device Cloud. Say goodbye to internal device libraries and cut operational costs instantly.


Private Real Device Cloud

Exclusive 24/7 access to dedicated Android devices for your team. Securely customize devices within your firewall for seamless workflow.


On premise Device Grid

Leverage LambdaTest cloud infrastructure paired with security and performance behind your firewall.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to test my apk files?
LambdaTest offers an android app testing service that allows you to run your app on real devices and emulators on our cloud. Simply sign up and you'll have access to entire arsenal of Android emulators.
What is apk test?
APK testing is a process that checks if an APK (android application package) file runs properly on various phone configurations, network conditions, and locations.
What is an apk testing emulator?
APK testing emulator is a virtual environment that emulates a software and hardware of an Android environment on your local computer or any online platform like LambdaTest. It is advisable to use official emulators like the ones on LambdaTest for accurate testing.
How to use apk online emulator?
Using LambdaTest's APK emulator is straightforward and efficient. Simply navigate to the LambdaTest platform, select their APK emulator service, and upload your app's APK file. Once uploaded, launch the emulator to start testing your application in a simulated Android environment. This allows for convenient testing of app functionality and performance. After completing your tests, you can easily end the session. Keep in mind, while LambdaTest offers a comprehensive emulation, it may not cover every aspect of real-device testing.
How to test apk from pc in online android emulator?
To test an APK on LambdaTest's online Android emulator, visit the LambdaTest website, upload your APK file, and start the emulator. This allows you to test your app's functionality and interface directly from your PC. After testing, end the session. Note that while LambdaTest provides effective emulation, it may not cover all aspects of real-device testing.
How to run apk files on pc without emulator?
Running APK files on a PC without an emulator is quite limited due to compatibility issues. However, you can use Chrome extensions to run some APK files within the Chrome browser, or use a cloud-based Android environment which technically is a form of remote emulation. Another option is to run Chrome OS on your PC, as it supports Android applications. Keep in mind, these methods might not provide full app functionality or performance compared to using a local emulator or an Android device.
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