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Nunit tutorial

Nunit is a well-known open-source unit testing framework for C#. This framework is easy to work with and user-friendly. LambdaTest’s NUnit Testing Tutorial provides a structured and detailed learning environment to help you leverage knowledge about the NUnit framework. The NUnit tutorial covers chapters from basics such as environment setup to annotations, assertions, Selenium WebDriver commands, and parallel execution using the NUnit framework.


  1. NUnit Environment Setup - All the prerequisites and setup environments are provided to help you begin with NUnit testing.
  2. NUnit With Selenium - Learn how to use the NUnit framework with Selenium for automation testing and its installation.
  3. Selenium WebDriver Commands in NUnit - Leverage your knowledge about the top 28 Selenium WebDriver Commands in NUnit For Test Automation. It covers web browser commands, web element commands, and drop-down commands.
  4. NUnit Parameterized Unit Tests - Tests on varied combinations may lead to code duplication or redundancy. This chapter discusses how NUnit Parameterized Unit Tests and their methods can help avoid code duplication.
  5. NUnit Asserts - Learn about the usage of assertions in NUnit using Selenium
  6. NUnit Annotations - Learn how to use and execute NUnit annotations for Selenium Automation Testing
  7. Generating Test Reports In NUnit - Understand how to use extent reports and generate reports with NUnit and Selenium WebDriver. Also, look into how to capture screenshots in NUnit extent reports.
  8. Parallel Execution In NUnit - Parallel testing helps to reduce time consumption while executing a test. Deep dive into the concept of Specflow Parallel Execution in NUnit.

NUnit certification -

You can also check out the LambdaTest Certification to enhance your learning in Selenium Automation Testing using the NUnit framework.


Watch this tutorial on the LambdaTest Channel to learn how to set up the NUnit framework, run tests and also execute parallel testing.

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