How to use _init_instruments method in ATX

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...52 self._instrument_assets = None53 async def exchanges(self):54 return [EXCHANGE_SYMBOL]55 async def assets(self):56 await self._init_instruments()57 return sorted(self._instrument_assets or [])58 async def instruments(self):59 await self._init_instruments()60 return sorted(self._instruments.keys())61 async def markets(self):62 return [Market(EXCHANGE_SYMBOL, symbol) for symbol in await self.instruments()]63 async def trades(64 self,65 market: str,66 since: Optional[Timestamp] = None,67 timeout: Optional[float] = None,68 until_now: bool = True,69 ):70 # TODO: support more complete query API instead of just since71 start_time = time.time()72 while True:73 series = await self.trades_series(market, since)74 if len(series) > 0:75 since = series.partition.period.end76 yield series77 if until_now and len(series) == 0:78 break79 elapsed_time = time.time() - start_time80 if timeout and elapsed_time > timeout - DEFAULT_WAIT_TIME:81 break82 async def trades_series(self, market: str, since: Optional[Timestamp] = None):83 exchange_symbol, instrument = market.split(":", 1)84 if exchange_symbol != EXCHANGE_SYMBOL:85 raise ValueError(f"{SOURCE_SYMBOL}: market not supported: {market}")86 await self._init_instruments()87 pair = self._instruments[instrument]88 result = await self.request_trades(pair["name"], since)89 raw_trades = result[pair["name"]]90 price_scale = pair["pair_decimals"]91 amount_scale = pair["lot_decimals"]92 raw_price, raw_amount, raw_time, raw_side, raw_order, raw_misc = (93 zip(*raw_trades) if raw_trades else [[], [], [], [], [], []]94 )95 price = [int(Decimal(n).normalize().scaleb(price_scale)) for n in raw_price]96 amount = [int(Decimal(n).normalize().scaleb(amount_scale)) for n in raw_amount]97 time = [fix_time(n) for n in raw_time]98 side = [TAKER_SIDES.get(n) for n in raw_side]99 order = [ORDER_TYPES.get(n) for n in raw_order]100 extra_json = []101 for index, s, o in zip(range(len(raw_trades)), side, order):102 entry = {}103 if s == None:104 entry["side"] = raw_side[index]105 if o == None:106 entry["order"] = raw_order[index]107 if raw_misc[index]:108 entry["misc"] = raw_misc[index]109 if len(entry.keys()) > 0:110 extra_json.append(json.dumps({SOURCE_SYMBOL: entry}))111 else:112 extra_json.append(None)113 pagination_next = Timestamp(int(result["last"]), tz="UTC")114 partition = Partition(115 source=SOURCE_SYMBOL,116 market=Market(EXCHANGE_SYMBOL, instrument),117 period=TimeInterval(since or time[0], pagination_next),118 )119 table = pa.Table.from_arrays(120 [121 pa.array(time, type=pa.timestamp("ns", tz="UTC")),122 pa.array(price, type=pa.uint64()),123 pa.array(amount, type=pa.uint64()),124 pa.array(side, type=pa.dictionary(pa.int8(), pa.string())),125 pa.array(order, type=pa.dictionary(pa.int8(), pa.string())),126 pa.array(extra_json, type=pa.string()),127 ],128 names=["time", "price", "amount", "side", "order", "extra_json"],129 )130 return TableSeries(table, partition)131 async def _init_instruments(self):132 if self._instruments:133 return134 asset_pairs = await self.request("AssetPairs")135 instruments = {}136 instrument_assets = set()137 for name, data in asset_pairs.items():138 if "wsname" not in data:139 continue140 data["name"] = name141 base, quote = map(fix_asset, data["wsname"].split("/"))142 data["symbol"] = "/".join([base, quote])143 instruments[data["symbol"]] = data144 instrument_assets.add(base)145 instrument_assets.add(quote)...

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...33 self._init_display()34 self.screen_rotation = 1 # TODO: auto judge35 if not bundle_id:36 print 'WARNING []: bundle_id is not set' #, use "" instead.'37 # self._init_instruments('')38 else:39 self._init_instruments(bundle_id)40 def _init_display(self):41 model =['HardwareModel']42 with open(os.path.join(__dir__, 'ios-models.yml'), 'rb') as f:43 items = yaml.load( for item in items:45 if model == item.get('model'):46 (width, height) = map(int, item.get('pixel').split('x'))47 self._scale = item.get('scale')48 self._display = Display(width*self._scale, height*self._scale)49 break50 if self._display is None:51 raise RuntimeError("TODO: not support your phone for now, You need contact the author.")52 53 def _init_instruments(self, bundle_id):54 self._bootstrap = os.path.join(__dir__, '')55 self._bundle_id = bundle_id56 self._env.update({'UDID': self.udid, 'BUNDLE_ID': self._bundle_id})57 # 1. remove pipe58 # subprocess.check_output([self._bootstrap, 'reset'], env=self._env)59 # 2. start instruments60 self._proc = subprocess.Popen([self._bootstrap, 'instruments'], env=self._env, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)61 self.sleep(5.0)62 self._wait_instruments()63 def _wait_instruments(self):64 ret = self._run('1')65 if ret != 1:66 log.error('Instruments stdout:\n' + raise RuntimeError('Instruments start failed, expect 1 but got %s' % (ret,))...

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