How to use test_keyevent method in Airtest

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...12 desired_caps['appActivity'] = '.ui.base.SplashActivity'13 self.driver = webdriver.Remote("http://localhost:4723/wd/hub", desired_caps)14 def tearDown(self) -> None:15 self.driver.quit()16 def test_keyevent(self):17 """Android keycode安卓的一些按键"""18 """常用的几个按键:19 KEYCODE_MENU 菜单键8220 KEYCODE_BACK 返回键421 KEYCODE_SEARCH 搜索键8422 KEYCODE_ENTER 回车键6623 KEYCODE_DEL 退格键6724 后续需要用其他按键可以在百度搜索Android keycode"""25 self.driver.implicitly_wait(60)26 # 定位搜索按钮27 ele = self.driver.find_element_by_id("cn.xiaochuankeji.tieba:id/ic_search_b")28 # 点击它29 # 安卓按键的使用方法,直接传对应按键的数值到keyevent()里面即可30 # 定位搜索输入框,并输入 Ailian...

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...8 e = events.InputEvent(1036996631, 984417, ecodes.EV_REL, 0, 0)9 assert isinstance(util.categorize(e), events.RelEvent)10 e = events.InputEvent(1036996631, 984417, ecodes.EV_MSC, 0, 0)11 assert e == util.categorize(e)12def test_keyevent():13 e = events.InputEvent(1036996631, 984417, ecodes.EV_KEY, ecodes.KEY_A, 2)14 k = events.KeyEvent(e)15 assert k.keystate == events.KeyEvent.key_hold16 assert k.event == e17 assert k.scancode == ecodes.KEY_A...

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