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...53 return None, None54 return (os.path.join(self.real_base, path),55 os.path.join(self.fake_base, path))5657 def _create_test_file(self, file_type, path, contents=None):58 """Create a dir, file, or link in both the real fs and the fake."""59 path = sep(path)60 self._created_files.append([file_type, path, contents])61 real_path, fake_path = self._paths(path)62 if file_type == 'd':63 os.mkdir(real_path)64 self.fake_os.mkdir(fake_path)65 if file_type == 'f':66 fh = open(real_path, 'w')67 fh.write(contents or '')68 fh.close()69 fh = self.fake_open(fake_path, 'w')70 fh.write(contents or '')71 fh.close()72 # b for binary file73 if file_type == 'b':74 fh = open(real_path, 'wb')75 fh.write(contents or '')76 fh.close()77 fh = self.fake_open(fake_path, 'wb')78 fh.write(contents or '')79 fh.close()80 # l for symlink, h for hard link81 if file_type in ('l', 'h'):82 real_target, fake_target = (contents, contents)83 # If it begins with '/', make it relative to the base. You can't go84 # creating files in / for the real file system.85 if contents.startswith(os.sep):86 real_target, fake_target = self._paths(contents[1:])87 if file_type == 'l':88 os.symlink(real_target, real_path)89 self.fake_os.symlink(fake_target, fake_path)90 elif file_type == 'h':91, real_path)92, fake_path)9394 def setUp(self):95 # Base paths in the real and test file systems. We keep them different96 # so that missing features in the fake don't fall through to the base97 # operations and magically succeed.98 tsname = 'fakefs.%s' % time.time()99 self.cwd = os.getcwd()100 # Fully expand the base_path - required on OS X.101 self.real_base = os.path.realpath(102 os.path.join(tempfile.gettempdir(), tsname))103 os.chdir(tempfile.gettempdir())104 if os.path.isdir(self.real_base):105 shutil.rmtree(self.real_base)106 os.mkdir(self.real_base)107 self.fake_base = self._FAKE_FS_BASE108109 # Make sure we can write to the physical testing temp directory.110 self.assertTrue(os.access(self.real_base, os.W_OK))111112 self.fake_filesystem = fake_filesystem.FakeFilesystem()113 self.fake_filesystem.create_dir(self.fake_base)114 self.fake_os = fake_filesystem.FakeOsModule(self.fake_filesystem)115 self.fake_open = fake_filesystem.FakeFileOpen(self.fake_filesystem)116 self._created_files = []117118 os.chdir(self.real_base)119 self.fake_os.chdir(self.fake_base)120121 def tearDown(self):122 # We have to remove all the files from the real FS. Doing the same for123 # the fake FS is optional, but doing it is an extra sanity check.124 os.chdir(tempfile.gettempdir())125 try:126 rev_files = self._created_files[:]127 rev_files.reverse()128 for info in rev_files:129 real_path, fake_path = self._paths(info[1])130 if info[0] == 'd':131 try:132 os.rmdir(real_path)133 except OSError as e:134 if 'Directory not empty' in e:135'Real path %s not empty: %s : %s' % (136 real_path, e, os.listdir(real_path)))137 else:138 raise139 self.fake_os.rmdir(fake_path)140 if info[0] == 'f' or info[0] == 'l':141 os.remove(real_path)142 self.fake_os.remove(fake_path)143 finally:144 shutil.rmtree(self.real_base)145 os.chdir(self.cwd)146147 def _compare_behaviors(self, method_name, path, real, fake,148 method_returns_path=False):149 """Invoke an os method in both real and fake contexts and compare150 results.151152 Invoke a real filesystem method with a path to a real file and invoke153 a fake filesystem method with a path to a fake file and compare the154 results. We expect some calls to throw Exceptions, so we catch those155 and compare them.156157 Args:158 method_name: Name of method being tested, for use in159 error messages.160 path: potential path to a file in the real and fake file systems,161 passing an empty tuple indicates that no arguments to pass162 to method.163 real: built-in system library or method from the built-in system164 library which takes a path as an arg and returns some value.165 fake: fake_filsystem object or method from a fake_filesystem class166 which takes a path as an arg and returns some value.167 method_returns_path: True if the method returns a path, and thus we168 must compensate for expected difference between real and fake.169170 Returns:171 A description of the difference in behavior, or None.172 """173 # pylint: disable=C6403174175 def _error_class(exc):176 if exc:177 if hasattr(exc, 'errno'):178 return '{}({})'.format(exc.__class__.__name__, exc.errno)179 return exc.__class__.__name__180 return 'None'181182 real_err, real_value = self._get_real_value(method_name, path, real)183 fake_err, fake_value = self._get_fake_value(method_name, path, fake)184185 method_call = '%s' % method_name186 method_call += '()' if path == () else '(%s)' % path187 # We only compare on the error class because the acutal error contents188 # is almost always different because of the file paths.189 if _error_class(real_err) != _error_class(fake_err):190 if real_err is None:191 return '%s: real version returned %s, fake raised %s' % (192 method_call, real_value, _error_class(fake_err))193 if fake_err is None:194 return '%s: real version raised %s, fake returned %s' % (195 method_call, _error_class(real_err), fake_value)196 return '%s: real version raised %s, fake raised %s' % (197 method_call, _error_class(real_err), _error_class(fake_err))198 real_errno = _get_errno(real_err)199 fake_errno = _get_errno(fake_err)200 if real_errno != fake_errno:201 return '%s(%s): both raised %s, real errno %s, fake errno %s' % (202 method_name, path, _error_class(real_err),203 real_errno, fake_errno)204 # If the method is supposed to return a full path AND both values205 # begin with the expected full path, then trim it off.206 if method_returns_path:207 if (real_value and fake_value208 and real_value.startswith(self.real_base)209 and fake_value.startswith(self.fake_base)):210 real_value = real_value[len(self.real_base):]211 fake_value = fake_value[len(self.fake_base):]212 if real_value != fake_value:213 return '%s: real return %s, fake returned %s' % (214 method_call, real_value, fake_value)215 return None216217 @staticmethod218 def _get_fake_value(method_name, path, fake):219 fake_value = None220 fake_err = None221 try:222 fake_method = fake223 if not callable(fake):224 fake_method = getattr(fake, method_name)225 args = [] if path == () else [path]226 fake_value = str(fake_method(*args))227 except Exception as e: # pylint: disable-msg=W0703228 fake_err = e229 return fake_err, fake_value230231 @staticmethod232 def _get_real_value(method_name, path, real):233 real_value = None234 real_err = None235 # Catching Exception below gives a lint warning, but it's what we need.236 try:237 args = [] if path == () else [path]238 real_method = real239 if not callable(real):240 real_method = getattr(real, method_name)241 real_value = str(real_method(*args))242 except Exception as e: # pylint: disable-msg=W0703243 real_err = e244 return real_err, real_value245246 def assertOsMethodBehaviorMatches(self, method_name, path,247 method_returns_path=False):248 """Invoke an os method in both real and fake contexts and compare.249250 For a given method name (from the os module) and a path, compare the251 behavior of the system provided module against the fake_filesystem252 module.253 We expect results and/or Exceptions raised to be identical.254255 Args:256 method_name: Name of method being tested.257 path: potential path to a file in the real and fake file systems.258 method_returns_path: True if the method returns a path, and thus we259 must compensate for expected difference between real and fake.260261 Returns:262 A description of the difference in behavior, or None.263 """264 path = sep(path)265 return self._compare_behaviors(method_name, path, os, self.fake_os,266 method_returns_path)267268 def diff_open_method_behavior(self, method_name, path, mode, data,269 method_returns_data=True):270 """Invoke an open method in both real and fkae contexts and compare.271272 Args:273 method_name: Name of method being tested.274 path: potential path to a file in the real and fake file systems.275 mode: how to open the file.276 data: any data to pass to the method.277 method_returns_data: True if a method returns some sort of data.278279 For a given method name (from builtin open) and a path, compare the280 behavior of the system provided module against the fake_filesystem281 module.282 We expect results and/or Exceptions raised to be identical.283284 Returns:285 A description of the difference in behavior, or None.286 """287 with open(path, mode) as real_fh:288 with self.fake_open(path, mode) as fake_fh:289 return self._compare_behaviors(290 method_name, data, real_fh, fake_fh, method_returns_data)291292 def diff_os_path_method_behavior(self, method_name, path,293 method_returns_path=False):294 """Invoke an os.path method in both real and fake contexts and compare.295296 For a given method name (from the os.path module) and a path, compare297 the behavior of the system provided module against the298 fake_filesytem module.299 We expect results and/or Exceptions raised to be identical.300301 Args:302 method_name: Name of method being tested.303 path: potential path to a file in the real and fake file systems.304 method_returns_path: True if the method returns a path, and thus we305 must compensate for expected difference between real and fake.306307 Returns:308 A description of the difference in behavior, or None.309 """310 return self._compare_behaviors(method_name, path, os.path,311 self.fake_os.path,312 method_returns_path)313314 def assertOsPathMethodBehaviorMatches(self, method_name, path,315 method_returns_path=False):316 """Assert that an os.path behaves the same in both real and317 fake contexts.318319 Wraps DiffOsPathMethodBehavior, raising AssertionError if any320 differences are reported.321322 Args:323 method_name: Name of method being tested.324 path: potential path to a file in the real and fake file systems.325 method_returns_path: True if the method returns a path, and thus we326 must compensate for expected difference between real and fake.327328 Raises:329 AssertionError if there is any difference in behavior.330 """331 path = sep(path)332 diff = self.diff_os_path_method_behavior(333 method_name, path, method_returns_path)334 if diff:335 def assertAllOsBehaviorsMatch(self, path):338 path = sep(path)339 os_method_names = [] if self.is_windows else ['readlink']340 os_method_names_no_args = ['getcwd']341 os_path_method_names = ['isabs', 'isdir']342 if not self.is_windows:343 os_path_method_names += ['islink', 'lexists']344 if not self.is_windows or not IS_PYPY:345 os_path_method_names += ['isfile', 'exists']346347 wrapped_methods = [348 ['access', self._access_real, self._access_fake],349 ['stat.size', self._stat_size_real, self._stat_size_fake],350 ['lstat.size', self._lstat_size_real, self._lstat_size_fake]351 ]352353 differences = []354 for method_name in os_method_names:355 diff = self.assertOsMethodBehaviorMatches(method_name, path)356 if diff:357 differences.append(diff)358 for method_name in os_method_names_no_args:359 diff = self.assertOsMethodBehaviorMatches(method_name, (),360 method_returns_path=True)361 if diff:362 differences.append(diff)363 for method_name in os_path_method_names:364 diff = self.diff_os_path_method_behavior(method_name, path)365 if diff:366 differences.append(diff)367 for m in wrapped_methods:368 diff = self._compare_behaviors(m[0], path, m[1], m[2])369 if diff:370 differences.append(diff)371 if differences:372'Behaviors do not match for %s:\n %s' %373 (path, '\n '.join(differences)))374375 def assertFileHandleBehaviorsMatch(self, path, mode, data):376 path = sep(path)377 write_method_names = ['write', 'writelines']378 read_method_names = ['read', 'readlines']379 other_method_names = ['truncate', 'flush', 'close']380 differences = []381 for method_name in write_method_names:382 diff = self.diff_open_method_behavior(383 method_name, path, mode, data)384 if diff:385 differences.append(diff)386 for method_name in read_method_names + other_method_names:387 diff = self.diff_open_method_behavior(method_name, path, mode, ())388 if diff:389 differences.append(diff)390 if differences:391'Behaviors do not match for %s:\n %s' %392 (path, '\n '.join(differences)))393394 # Helpers for checks which are not straight method calls.395 @staticmethod396 def _access_real(path):397 return os.access(path, os.R_OK)398399 def _access_fake(self, path):400 return self.fake_os.access(path, os.R_OK)401402 def _stat_size_real(self, path):403 real_path, unused_fake_path = self._paths(path)404 # does not implement stat().st_size for directories405 if os.path.isdir(real_path):406 return None407 return os.stat(real_path).st_size408409 def _stat_size_fake(self, path):410 unused_real_path, fake_path = self._paths(path)411 # does not implement stat().st_size for directories412 if self.fake_os.path.isdir(fake_path):413 return None414 return self.fake_os.stat(fake_path).st_size415416 def _lstat_size_real(self, path):417 real_path, unused_fake_path = self._paths(path)418 if os.path.isdir(real_path):419 return None420 size = os.lstat(real_path).st_size421 # Account for the difference in the lengths of the absolute paths.422 if os.path.islink(real_path):423 if os.readlink(real_path).startswith(os.sep):424 size -= len(self.real_base)425 return size426427 def _lstat_size_fake(self, path):428 unused_real_path, fake_path = self._paths(path)429 # size = 0430 if self.fake_os.path.isdir(fake_path):431 return None432 size = self.fake_os.lstat(fake_path).st_size433 # Account for the difference in the lengths of the absolute paths.434 if self.fake_os.path.islink(fake_path):435 if self.fake_os.readlink(fake_path).startswith(os.sep):436 size -= len(self.fake_base)437 return size438439 def test_isabs(self):440 # We do not have to create any files for isabs.441 self.assertOsPathMethodBehaviorMatches('isabs', None)442 self.assertOsPathMethodBehaviorMatches('isabs', '')443 self.assertOsPathMethodBehaviorMatches('isabs', '/')444 self.assertOsPathMethodBehaviorMatches('isabs', '/a')445 self.assertOsPathMethodBehaviorMatches('isabs', 'a')446447 def test_none_path(self):448 self.assertAllOsBehaviorsMatch(None)449450 def test_empty_path(self):451 self.assertAllOsBehaviorsMatch('')452453 def test_root_path(self):454 self.assertAllOsBehaviorsMatch('/')455456 def test_non_existant_file(self):457 self.assertAllOsBehaviorsMatch('foo')458459 def test_empty_file(self):460 self._create_test_file('f', 'aFile')461 self.assertAllOsBehaviorsMatch('aFile')462463 def test_file_with_contents(self):464 self._create_test_file('f', 'aFile', 'some contents')465 self.assertAllOsBehaviorsMatch('aFile')466467 def test_file_with_binary_contents(self):468 self._create_test_file('b', 'aFile', b'some contents')469 self.assertAllOsBehaviorsMatch('aFile')470471 @unittest.skipIf(TestCase.is_windows, 'no symlink in Windows')472 def test_sym_link_to_empty_file(self):473 self._create_test_file('f', 'aFile')474 self._create_test_file('l', 'link_to_empty', 'aFile')475 self.assertAllOsBehaviorsMatch('link_to_empty')476477 @unittest.skipIf(TestCase.is_windows, 'no symlink in Windows')478 def test_hard_link_to_empty_file(self):479 self._create_test_file('f', 'aFile')480 self._create_test_file('h', 'link_to_empty', 'aFile')481 self.assertAllOsBehaviorsMatch('link_to_empty')482483 @unittest.skipIf(TestCase.is_windows, 'no symlink in Windows')484 def test_sym_link_to_real_file(self):485 self._create_test_file('f', 'aFile', 'some contents')486 self._create_test_file('l', 'link_to_file', 'aFile')487 self.assertAllOsBehaviorsMatch('link_to_file')488489 @unittest.skipIf(TestCase.is_windows, 'no symlink in Windows')490 def test_hard_link_to_real_file(self):491 self._create_test_file('f', 'aFile', 'some contents')492 self._create_test_file('h', 'link_to_file', 'aFile')493 self.assertAllOsBehaviorsMatch('link_to_file')494495 @unittest.skipIf(TestCase.is_windows, 'no symlink in Windows')496 def test_broken_sym_link(self):497 self._create_test_file('l', 'broken_link', 'broken')498 self._create_test_file('l', 'loop', '/a/loop')499 self.assertAllOsBehaviorsMatch('broken_link')500501 def test_file_in_a_folder(self):502 self._create_test_file('d', 'a')503 self._create_test_file('d', 'a/b')504 self._create_test_file('f', 'a/b/file', 'contents')505 self.assertAllOsBehaviorsMatch('a/b/file')506507 @unittest.skipIf(TestCase.is_windows, 'no symlink in Windows')508 def test_absolute_sym_link_to_folder(self):509 self._create_test_file('d', 'a')510 self._create_test_file('d', 'a/b')511 self._create_test_file('f', 'a/b/file', 'contents')512 self._create_test_file('l', 'a/link', '/a/b')513 self.assertAllOsBehaviorsMatch('a/link/file')514515 @unittest.skipIf(TestCase.is_windows, 'no symlink in Windows')516 def test_link_to_folder_after_chdir(self):517 self._create_test_file('d', 'a')518 self._create_test_file('d', 'a/b')519 self._create_test_file('f', 'a/b/file', 'contents')520 self._create_test_file('l', 'a/link', '/a/b')521522 real_dir, fake_dir = self._paths('a/b')523 os.chdir(real_dir)524 self.fake_os.chdir(fake_dir)525 self.assertAllOsBehaviorsMatch('file')526527 @unittest.skipIf(TestCase.is_windows, 'no symlink in Windows')528 def test_relative_sym_link_to_folder(self):529 self._create_test_file('d', 'a')530 self._create_test_file('d', 'a/b')531 self._create_test_file('f', 'a/b/file', 'contents')532 self._create_test_file('l', 'a/link', 'b')533 self.assertAllOsBehaviorsMatch('a/link/file')534535 @unittest.skipIf(TestCase.is_windows, 'no symlink in Windows')536 def test_sym_link_to_parent(self):537 # Soft links on HFS+ / OS X behave differently.538 if os.uname()[0] != 'Darwin':539 self._create_test_file('d', 'a')540 self._create_test_file('d', 'a/b')541 self._create_test_file('l', 'a/b/c', '..')542 self.assertAllOsBehaviorsMatch('a/b/c')543544 @unittest.skipIf(TestCase.is_windows, 'no symlink in Windows')545 def test_path_through_sym_link_to_parent(self):546 self._create_test_file('d', 'a')547 self._create_test_file('f', 'a/target', 'contents')548 self._create_test_file('d', 'a/b')549 self._create_test_file('l', 'a/b/c', '..')550 self.assertAllOsBehaviorsMatch('a/b/c/target')551552 @unittest.skipIf(TestCase.is_windows, 'no symlink in Windows')553 def test_sym_link_to_sibling_directory(self):554 self._create_test_file('d', 'a')555 self._create_test_file('d', 'a/b')556 self._create_test_file('d', 'a/sibling_of_b')557 self._create_test_file('f', 'a/sibling_of_b/target', 'contents')558 self._create_test_file('l', 'a/b/c', '../sibling_of_b')559 self.assertAllOsBehaviorsMatch('a/b/c/target')560561 @unittest.skipIf(TestCase.is_windows, 'no symlink in Windows')562 def test_sym_link_to_sibling_directory_non_existant_file(self):563 self._create_test_file('d', 'a')564 self._create_test_file('d', 'a/b')565 self._create_test_file('d', 'a/sibling_of_b')566 self._create_test_file('f', 'a/sibling_of_b/target', 'contents')567 self._create_test_file('l', 'a/b/c', '../sibling_of_b')568 self.assertAllOsBehaviorsMatch('a/b/c/file_does_not_exist')569570 @unittest.skipIf(TestCase.is_windows, 'no symlink in Windows')571 def test_broken_sym_link_to_sibling_directory(self):572 self._create_test_file('d', 'a')573 self._create_test_file('d', 'a/b')574 self._create_test_file('d', 'a/sibling_of_b')575 self._create_test_file('f', 'a/sibling_of_b/target', 'contents')576 self._create_test_file('l', 'a/b/c', '../broken_sibling_of_b')577 self.assertAllOsBehaviorsMatch('a/b/c/target')578579 def test_relative_path(self):580 self._create_test_file('d', 'a')581 self._create_test_file('d', 'a/b')582 self._create_test_file('d', 'a/sibling_of_b')583 self._create_test_file('f', 'a/sibling_of_b/target', 'contents')584 self.assertAllOsBehaviorsMatch('a/b/../sibling_of_b/target')585586 def test_broken_relative_path(self):587 self._create_test_file('d', 'a')588 self._create_test_file('d', 'a/b')589 self._create_test_file('d', 'a/sibling_of_b')590 self._create_test_file('f', 'a/sibling_of_b/target', 'contents')591 self.assertAllOsBehaviorsMatch('a/b/../broken/target')592593 def test_bad_relative_path(self):594 self._create_test_file('d', 'a')595 self._create_test_file('f', 'a/target', 'contents')596 self._create_test_file('d', 'a/b')597 self._create_test_file('d', 'a/sibling_of_b')598 self._create_test_file('f', 'a/sibling_of_b/target', 'contents')599 self.assertAllOsBehaviorsMatch('a/b/../broken/../target')600601 def test_getmtime_nonexistant_path(self):602 self.assertOsPathMethodBehaviorMatches('getmtime', 'no/such/path')603604 def test_builtin_open_modes(self):605 self._create_test_file('f', 'read', 'some contents')606 self._create_test_file('f', 'write', 'some contents')607 self._create_test_file('f', 'append', 'some contents')608 self.assertFileHandleBehaviorsMatch('read', 'r', 'other contents')609 self.assertFileHandleBehaviorsMatch('write', 'w', 'other contents')610 self.assertFileHandleBehaviorsMatch('append', 'a', 'other contents')611 self._create_test_file('f', 'readplus', 'some contents')612 self._create_test_file('f', 'writeplus', 'some contents')613 self.assertFileHandleBehaviorsMatch(614 'readplus', 'r+', 'other contents')615 self.assertFileHandleBehaviorsMatch(616 'writeplus', 'w+', 'other contents')617 self._create_test_file('b', 'binaryread', b'some contents')618 self._create_test_file('b', 'binarywrite', b'some contents')619 self._create_test_file('b', 'binaryappend', b'some contents')620 self.assertFileHandleBehaviorsMatch(621 'binaryread', 'rb', b'other contents')622 self.assertFileHandleBehaviorsMatch(623 'binarywrite', 'wb', b'other contents')624 self.assertFileHandleBehaviorsMatch(625 'binaryappend', 'ab', b'other contents')626 self.assertFileHandleBehaviorsMatch('read', 'rb', 'other contents')627 self.assertFileHandleBehaviorsMatch('write', 'wb', 'other contents')628 self.assertFileHandleBehaviorsMatch('append', 'ab', 'other contents')629630631def main(_):632 unittest.main()633 ...

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