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...45 """46 lines = _indent_text(lines, ' ')47 lines = 'def step%d():\n%s' % (item, lines)48 return lines49def _get_tests_stanza(tests, is_server, prepend=None, append=None,50 client_control_file='', test_source_build=None):51 """ Constructs the control file test step code from a list of tests.52 @param tests A sequence of test control files to run.53 @param is_server bool, Is this a server side test?54 @param prepend A list of steps to prepend to each client test.55 Defaults to [].56 @param append A list of steps to append to each client test.57 Defaults to [].58 @param client_control_file If specified, use this text as the body of a59 final client control file to run after tests. is_server must be False.60 @param test_source_build: Build to be used to retrieve test code. Default61 to None.62 @returns The control file test code to be run.63 """64 assert not (client_control_file and is_server)65 if not prepend:66 prepend = []67 if not append:68 append = []69 if test_source_build:70 raw_control_files = _get_test_control_files_by_build(71 tests, test_source_build)72 else:73 raw_control_files = [_read_control_file(test) for test in tests]74 if client_control_file:75 # 'return locals()' is always appended in case the user forgot, it76 # is necessary to allow for nested step engine execution to work.77 raw_control_files.append(client_control_file + '\nreturn locals()')78 raw_steps = prepend + [_add_boilerplate_to_nested_steps(step)79 for step in raw_control_files] + append80 steps = [_format_step(index, step)81 for index, step in enumerate(raw_steps)]82 if is_server:83 step_template = SERVER_STEP_TEMPLATE84 footer = '\n\nstep_init()\n'85 else:86 step_template = CLIENT_STEP_TEMPLATE87 footer = ''88 header = ''.join(step_template % i for i in xrange(len(steps)))89 return header + '\n' + '\n\n'.join(steps) + footer90def _indent_text(text, indent):91 """Indent given lines of python code avoiding indenting multiline92 quoted content (only for triple " and ' quoting for now).93 @param text The string of lines.94 @param indent The indent string.95 @return The indented string.96 """97 regex = re.compile('(\\\\*)("""|\'\'\')')98 res = []99 in_quote = None100 for line in text.splitlines():101 # if not within a multinline quote indent the line contents102 if in_quote:103 res.append(line)104 else:105 res.append(indent + line)106 while line:107 match = if match:109 # for an even number of backslashes before the triple quote110 if len( % 2 == 0:111 if not in_quote:112 in_quote =[0]113 elif in_quote ==[0]:114 # if we found a matching end triple quote115 in_quote = None116 line = line[match.end():]117 else:118 break119 return '\n'.join(res)120def _get_profiler_commands(profilers, is_server, profile_only):121 prepend, append = [], []122 if profile_only is not None:123 prepend.append("job.default_profile_only = %r" % profile_only)124 for profiler in profilers:125 prepend.append("job.profilers.add('%s')" % append.append("job.profilers.delete('%s')" % return prepend, append128def _sanity_check_generate_control(is_server, client_control_file):129 """130 Sanity check some of the parameters to generate_control().131 This exists as its own function so that site_control_file may call it as132 well from its own generate_control().133 @raises ValidationError if any of the parameters do not make sense.134 """135 if is_server and client_control_file:136 raise model_logic.ValidationError(137 {'tests' : 'You cannot run server tests at the same time '138 'as directly supplying a client-side control file.'})139def generate_control(tests, is_server=False, profilers=(),140 client_control_file='', profile_only=None,141 test_source_build=None):142 """143 Generate a control file for a sequence of tests.144 @param tests A sequence of test control files to run.145 @param is_server bool, Is this a server control file rather than a client?146 @param profilers A list of profiler objects to enable during the tests.147 @param client_control_file Contents of a client control file to run as the148 last test after everything in tests. Requires is_server=False.149 @param profile_only bool, should this control file run all tests in150 profile_only mode by default151 @param test_source_build: Build to be used to retrieve test code. Default152 to None.153 @returns The control file text as a string.154 """155 _sanity_check_generate_control(is_server=is_server,156 client_control_file=client_control_file)157 control_file_text = EMPTY_TEMPLATE158 prepend, append = _get_profiler_commands(profilers, is_server, profile_only)159 control_file_text += _get_tests_stanza(tests, is_server, prepend, append,160 client_control_file,161 test_source_build)162 return control_file_text163def _get_test_control_files_by_build(tests, build, ignore_invalid_tests=False):164 """Get the test control files that are available for the specified build.165 @param tests A sequence of test objects to run.166 @param build: unique name by which to refer to the image.167 @param ignore_invalid_tests: flag on if unparsable tests are ignored.168 @return: A sorted list of all tests that are in the build specified.169 """170 raw_control_files = []171 # shortcut to avoid staging the image.172 if not tests:173 return raw_control_files...

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