How to use _override_config method in autotest

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1import os2from everyclass.server.utils.config.default import Config as DefaultConfig3_config_inited = False4class MixedConfig(DefaultConfig):5 pass6def get_config():7 """8 单例配置加载9 :return: Config 类的实例10 """11 global _config_inited12 if _config_inited:13 return MixedConfig14 else:15 mode = os.environ.get('MODE')16 _override_config = {}17 if mode == 'PRODUCTION':18 from everyclass.server.utils.config.production import ProductionConfig19 _override_config = ProductionConfig20 MixedConfig.CONFIG_NAME = 'production'21 elif mode == 'DEVELOPMENT':22 from everyclass.server.utils.config.development import DevelopmentConfig23 _override_config = DevelopmentConfig24 MixedConfig.CONFIG_NAME = 'development'25 elif mode == 'STAGING':26 from everyclass.server.utils.config.staging import StagingConfig27 _override_config = StagingConfig28 MixedConfig.CONFIG_NAME = 'staging'29 elif mode == 'TESTING':30 from everyclass.server.utils.config.testing import TestingConfig31 _override_config = TestingConfig32 MixedConfig.CONFIG_NAME = 'testing'33 else:34 MixedConfig.CONFIG_NAME = 'default'35 print('No valid MODE environment variable specified. Default config will be used.')36 for key in dir(_override_config):37 if key.isupper():38 if isinstance(getattr(_override_config, key), dict) \39 and key in dir(MixedConfig) \40 and isinstance(getattr(MixedConfig, key), dict):41 # 字典内容增量覆盖42 dict_to_modify = getattr(MixedConfig, key)43 for k, v in getattr(_override_config, key).items():44 dict_to_modify[k] = v45 setattr(MixedConfig, key, dict_to_modify)46 else:47 # 其他类型的值直接覆盖48 setattr(MixedConfig, key, getattr(_override_config, key))49 # lazy reference type linking50 try:51 from everyclass.server.utils.config.default import LazyRefType52 except ImportError:54 pass55 # production safety check56 if mode == 'PRODUCTION':57 for each_key in getattr(MixedConfig, "PRODUCTION_OVERWRITE_FIELDS"):58 if getattr(MixedConfig, each_key) == getattr(DefaultConfig, each_key):59 print("{} must be overwritten in production environment. Exit.".format(each_key))60 exit(1)61 _config_inited = True...

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