How to use _run_test_base method in autotest

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...394 # Converts all other exceptions thrown by the test regardless395 # of phase into a TestError(TestBaseException) subclass that396 # reports them with their full stack trace.397 raise error.UnhandledTestError(e)398 def _run_test_base(self, url, *args, **dargs):399 """400 Prepares arguments and run functions to run_test and run_test_detail.401 @param url A url that identifies the test to run.402 @param tag An optional keyword argument that will be added to the403 test and subdir name.404 @param subdir_tag An optional keyword argument that will be added405 to the subdir name.406 @returns:407 subdir: Test subdirectory408 testname: Test name409 group_func: Actual test run function410 timeout: Test timeout411 """412 _group, testname = self.pkgmgr.get_package_name(url, 'test')413 testname, subdir, tag = self._build_tagged_test_name(testname, dargs)414 self._make_test_outputdir(subdir)415 timeout = dargs.pop('timeout', None)416 if timeout:417 logging.debug('Test has timeout: %d sec.', timeout)418 def log_warning(reason):419 self.record("WARN", subdir, testname, reason)420, "/", self._max_disk_usage_rate)421 def group_func():422 try:423 self._runtest(url, tag, timeout, args, dargs)424 except error.TestBaseException, detail:425 # The error is already classified, record it properly.426 self.record(detail.exit_status, subdir, testname, str(detail))427 raise428 else:429 self.record('GOOD', subdir, testname, 'completed successfully')430 return (subdir, testname, group_func, timeout)431 @_run_test_complete_on_exit432 def run_test(self, url, *args, **dargs):433 """434 Summon a test object and run it.435 @param url A url that identifies the test to run.436 @param tag An optional keyword argument that will be added to the437 test and subdir name.438 @param subdir_tag An optional keyword argument that will be added439 to the subdir name.440 @returns True if the test passes, False otherwise.441 """442 (subdir, testname, group_func, timeout) = self._run_test_base(url,443 *args,444 **dargs)445 try:446 self._rungroup(subdir, testname, group_func, timeout)447 return True448 except error.TestBaseException:449 return False450 # Any other exception here will be given to the caller451 #452 # NOTE: The only exception possible from the control file here453 # is error.JobError as _runtest() turns all others into an454 # UnhandledTestError that is caught above.455 @_run_test_complete_on_exit456 def run_test_detail(self, url, *args, **dargs):457 """458 Summon a test object and run it, returning test status.459 @param url A url that identifies the test to run.460 @param tag An optional keyword argument that will be added to the461 test and subdir name.462 @param subdir_tag An optional keyword argument that will be added463 to the subdir name.464 @returns Test status465 @see: client/common_lib/, exit_status466 """467 (subdir, testname, group_func, timeout) = self._run_test_base(url,468 *args,469 **dargs)470 try:471 self._rungroup(subdir, testname, group_func, timeout)472 return 'GOOD'473 except error.TestBaseException, detail:474 return detail.exit_status475 def _rungroup(self, subdir, testname, function, timeout, *args, **dargs):476 """\477 subdir:478 name of the group479 testname:480 name of the test to run, or support step481 function:...

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