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...24 @staticmethod25 def get_version():26 return "get_version_from_system"27 @classmethod28 def is_right_version(cls, version):29 if version is not None:30 if "version is satisfied":31 return True32 return False33 def func1(self):34 print "func1"35 def func2(self):36 print "func2"37 # get_version could be inherited.38 class VC3(VC2, VersionableClass):39 @classmethod40 def is_right_version(cls, version):41 if version is not None:42 if "version+1 is satisfied":43 return True44 return False45 def func2(self):46 print "func2_2"47 class M(VCP):48 pass49 m = M() # <- When class is constructed the right version is50 # automatically selected. In this case VC3 is selected.51 m.func2() # call VC3.func2(m)52 m.func1() # call VC2.func1(m)53 # call # When controlled "program" version is changed then is necessary call55 check_repair_versions or recreate object.56 m.check_repair_versions()57 # priority of class. (change place where is method searched first in group58 # of verisonable class.)59 class PP(VersionableClass):60 def __new__(cls, *args, **kargs):61 PP.master_class = PP62 return super(PP, cls).__new__(cls, *args, **kargs)63 class PP2(PP, VersionableClass):64 @staticmethod65 def get_version():66 return "get_version_from_system"67 @classmethod68 def is_right_version(cls, version):69 if version is not None:70 if "version is satisfied":71 return True72 return False73 def func1(self):74 print "PP func1"75 class N(VCP, PP):76 pass77 n = N()78 n.func1() # -> "func2"79 n.set_priority_class(PP, [VCP, PP])80 n.func1() # -> "PP func1"81 Necessary for using:82 1) Subclass of versionable class must have implemented class methods83 get_version and is_right_version. These two methods are necessary84 for correct version section. Class without this method will be never85 chosen like suitable class.86 2) Every class derived from master_class have to add to class definition87 inheritance from VersionableClass. Direct inheritance from Versionable88 Class is use like a mark for manipulation with VersionableClass.89 3) Master of VersionableClass have to defined class variable90 cls.master_class.91 """92 def __new__(cls, *args, **kargs):93 cls.check_repair_versions()94 return super(VersionableClass, cls).__new__(cls, *args, **kargs)95 #VersionableClass class management class.96 @classmethod97 def check_repair_versions(cls, master_classes=None):98 """99 Check version of versionable class and if version not100 match repair version to correct version.101 @param master_classes: Check and repair only master_class.102 @type master_classes: list.103 """104 if master_classes is None:105 master_classes = cls._find_versionable_baseclass()106 for base in master_classes:107 cls._check_repair_version_class(base)108 @classmethod109 def set_priority_class(cls, prioritized_class, group_classes):110 """111 Set class priority. Limited only for change bases class priority inside112 one subclass.__bases__ after that continue to another class.113 """114 def change_position(ccls):115 if not VersionableClass in ccls.__bases__:116 bases = list(ccls.__bases__)117 index = None118 remove_variant = None119 for i, item in enumerate(ccls.__bases__):120 if (VersionableClass in item.__bases__ and121 item.master_class in group_classes):122 if index is None:123 index = i124 if item.master_class is prioritized_class:125 remove_variant = item126 bases.remove(item)127 break128 else:129 return130 bases.insert(index, remove_variant)131 ccls.__bases__ = tuple(bases)132 def find_cls(ccls):133 change_position(ccls)134 for base in ccls.__bases__:135 find_cls(base)136 find_cls(cls)137 @classmethod138 def _check_repair_version_class(cls, master_class):139 version = None140 for class_version in master_class._find_versionable_subclass():141 try:142 version = class_version.get_version()143 if class_version.is_right_version(version):144 cls._switch_by_class(class_version)145 break146 except NotImplementedError:147 continue148 else:149 cls._switch_by_class(class_version)150 @classmethod151 def _find_versionable_baseclass(cls):152 """153 Find versionable class in master class.154 """155 ver_class = []156 for superclass in cls.mro():157 if VersionableClass in superclass.__bases__:158 ver_class.append(superclass.master_class)159 return set(ver_class)160 @classmethod161 def _find_versionable_subclass(cls):162 """163 Find versionable subclasses which subclass.master_class == cls164 """165 subclasses = [cls]166 for sub in cls.__subclasses__():167 if VersionableClass in list(sub.__bases__):168 subclasses.extend(sub._find_versionable_subclass())169 return subclasses170 @classmethod171 def _switch_by_class(cls, new_class):172 """173 Finds all class with same master_class as new_class in class tree174 and replaces them by new_class.175 @param new_class: Class for replacing.176 """177 def find_replace_class(bases):178 for base in bases:179 if (VersionableClass in base.__bases__ and180 base.master_class == new_class.master_class):181 bnew = list(bases)182 bnew[bnew.index(base)] = new_class183 return tuple(bnew)184 else:185 bnew = find_replace_class(base.__bases__)186 if bnew:187 base.__bases__ = bnew188 bnew = find_replace_class(cls.__bases__)189 if bnew:190 cls.__bases__ = bnew191 # Method defined in part below must be defined in192 # verisonable class subclass.193 @classmethod194 def get_version(cls):195 """196 Get version of installed OpenVSwtich.197 Must be re-implemented for in child class.198 @return: Version or None when get_version is unsuccessful.199 """200 raise NotImplementedError("Method 'get_verison' must be"201 " implemented in child class")202 @classmethod203 def is_right_version(cls, version):204 """205 Check condition for select control class.206 Function must be re-implemented in new OpenVSwitchControl class.207 Must be re-implemented for in child class.208 @param version: version of OpenVSwtich209 """210 raise NotImplementedError("Method 'is_right_version' must be"...

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1# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-2"""3Implementation of the GPT-3 engine.4Website:5 https://openai.com6"""7import json8import os9from pathlib import Path10from typing import Dict11import openai12from pylogics.syntax.base import Formula13from nl2ltl.engines.base import Engine14from nl2ltl.engines.gpt3 import ENGINE_ROOT15from nl2ltl.engines.gpt3.output import GPT3Output, parse_gpt3_output, parse_gpt3_result16from nl2ltl.filters.base import Filter17openai.api_key = os.getenv("OPENAI_API_KEY")18engine_root = ENGINE_ROOT19DATA_DIR = engine_root / "data"20PROMPT_PATH = engine_root / DATA_DIR / "prompt.json"21class GPT3Engine(Engine):22 """The GPT-3 engine."""23 def __init__(24 self,25 prompt: Path = PROMPT_PATH,26 temperature: float = 0.5,27 ):28 """GPT-3 LLM Engine initialization."""29 self.prompt = self._load_prompt(prompt)30 self.temperature = temperature31 def _load_prompt(self, prompt):32 return json.load(open(prompt, "r"))["prompt"]33 @classmethod34 def __check_openai_version(cls):35 """Check that the GPT-3 tool is at the right version."""36 is_right_version = openai.__version__ == "0.23.0"37 if not is_right_version:38 raise Exception(39 "OpenAI needs to be at version 0.23.0. "40 "Please install it manually using:"41 "\n"42 "pip install openai==0.23.0"43 )44 def __post_init__(self):45 """Do post-initialization checks."""46 self.__check_openai_version()47 def translate(48 self, utterance: str, filtering: Filter = None49 ) -> Dict[Formula, float]:50 """From NL to best matching LTL formulas with confidence."""51 return _process_utterance(utterance, self.prompt, self.temperature, filtering)52def _process_utterance(53 utterance: str, prompt: str, temperature: float, filtering: Filter54) -> Dict[Formula, float]:55 """56 Process NL utterance.57 :param utterance: the natural language utterance58 :return: a dict with matching formulas and confidence59 """60 query = "NL: " + utterance + "\n"61 prediction = openai.Completion.create(62 model="text-davinci-002",63 prompt=prompt + query,64 temperature=temperature,65 max_tokens=200,66 top_p=1.0,67 frequency_penalty=0.0,68 presence_penalty=0.0,69 stop=["\n\n"],70 )71 gpt3_result: GPT3Output = parse_gpt3_output(prediction)72 matching_formulas: Dict[Formula, float] = parse_gpt3_result(gpt3_result, filtering)...

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