How to use setup_before_test method in autotest

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...322 self.mount_options = fs_options.mount_options323 self.fs_tag = fs_options.fs_tag324 def run_test(self, test, **dargs):325 self.job.run_test(test, dir=self.get_mountpoint(), **dargs)326 def setup_before_test(self, mountpoint_func):327 """328 Prepare a partition for running a test. Unmounts any329 filesystem that's currently mounted on the partition, makes a330 new filesystem (according to this partition's filesystem331 options) and mounts it where directed by mountpoint_func.332 @param mountpoint_func: A callable that returns a path as a string,333 given a partition instance.334 """335 mountpoint = mountpoint_func(self)336 if not mountpoint:337 raise ValueError('Don\'t know where to put this partition')338 self.unmount(ignore_status=True, record=False)339 self.mkfs()340 if not os.path.isdir(mountpoint):341 os.makedirs(mountpoint)342 self.mount(mountpoint)343 def run_test_on_partition(self, test, mountpoint_func, **dargs):344 """345 Executes a test fs-style (umount,mkfs,mount,test)346 Here we unmarshal the args to set up tags before running the test.347 Tests are also run by first umounting, mkfsing and then mounting348 before executing the test.349 @param test: name of test to run350 @param mountpoint_func: function to return mount point string351 """352 tag = dargs.get('tag')353 if tag:354 tag = '%s.%s' % (, tag)355 elif self.fs_tag:356 tag = '%s.%s' % (, self.fs_tag)357 else:358 tag = self.name359 # If there's a 'suffix' argument, append it to the tag and remove it360 suffix = dargs.pop('suffix', None)361 if suffix:362 tag = '%s.%s' % (tag, suffix)363 dargs['tag'] = test + '.' + tag364 def _make_partition_and_run_test(test_tag, dir=None, **dargs):365 self.setup_before_test(mountpoint_func)366 try:367 self.job.run_test(test, tag=test_tag, dir=mountpoint, **dargs)368 finally:369 self.unmount()370 self.fsck()371 mountpoint = mountpoint_func(self)372 # The tag is the tag for the group (get stripped off by run_group)373 # The test_tag is the tag for the test itself374 self.job.run_group(_make_partition_and_run_test,375 test_tag=tag, dir=mountpoint, **dargs)376 def get_mountpoint(self, open_func=open, filename=None):377 """378 Find the mount point of this partition object.379 @param open_func: the function to use for opening the file containing...

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...8# class TestExample(object):9# @classmethod10# def setup_class(cls):11# from factories.user import UserFactory12# def setup_before_test():13# engine = db_engine()14# db_flask_session.configure(bind=engine)15# cls.session_factory = db_flask_session16# cls.session = cls.session_factory()17# user = UserFactory.create(18# email="",19# status='ACTIVE'20# )21# cls.session.refresh(user)22# setup_for_user(user)23# cls.worker_object = Example()24# = {25# 'action': 'WORKER_EXAMPLE',26# 'payload': {27# 'user': user28# },29# 'update_time': int(time.time())30# }31# def setup_for_user(user):32# return user33# setup_before_test()34# @classmethod35# def teardown_class(cls):...

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