How to use _bool_to_binary method in avocado

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...259 except IOError as err:260 logging.warning("Failed to read idle state on cpu %s "261 "for state %s:\n%s", cpu, state_no, err)262 return cpu_idlestate263def _bool_to_binary(value):264 """265 Turns a Python boolean value (True or False) into binary data.266 This function is suitable for writing to /proc/* and /sys/* files.267 """268 if value is True:269 return b'1'270 if value is False:271 return b'0'272 raise TypeError("Value is not a boolean: %s" % value)273def set_idle_state(state_number="all", disable=True, setstate=None):274 """275 Set/Reset cpu idle states for all cpus276 :param state_number: cpuidle state number, default: `all` all states277 :param disable: whether to disable/enable given cpu idle state,278 default is to disable (True). Must be a boolean value.279 :type disable: bool280 :param setstate: cpuidle state value, output of `get_idle_state()`281 """282 cpus_list = online_list()283 if not setstate:284 states = []285 if state_number == 'all':286 states = range(0, len(glob.glob("/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpuidle/state*")))287 else:288 states.append(state_number)289 disable = _bool_to_binary(disable)290 for cpu in cpus_list:291 for state_no in states:292 state_file = "/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu%s/cpuidle/state%s/disable" % (cpu, state_no)293 try:294 open(state_file, "wb").write(disable)295 except IOError as err:296 logging.warning("Failed to set idle state on cpu %s "297 "for state %s:\n%s", cpu, state_no, err)298 else:299 for cpu, stateval in setstate.items():300 for state_no, value in stateval.items():301 state_file = "/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu%s/cpuidle/state%s/disable" % (cpu, state_no)302 disable = _bool_to_binary(value)303 try:304 open(state_file, "wb").write(disable)305 except IOError as err:306 logging.warning("Failed to set idle state on cpu %s "307 "for state %s:\n%s", cpu, state_no, err)308def set_freq_governor(governor="random"):309 """310 To change the given cpu frequency governor311 :param governor: frequency governor profile name whereas `random` is default312 option to choose random profile among available ones.313 """314 avl_gov_file = "/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_available_governors"315 cur_gov_file = "/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor"316 cur_gov = get_freq_governor()...

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2import structlog3from raiden_common.constants import Capabilities4from raiden_common.settings import CapabilitiesConfig5log = structlog.get_logger(__name__)6def _bool_to_binary(value: Any) -> str:7 if isinstance(value, bool):8 return "1" if value is True else "0"9 return value10def int_bool(value: str) -> Union[bool, str]:11 try:12 if int(value) in {0, 1}:13 return bool(int(value))14 else:15 return value16 except ValueError:17 return value18def capdict_to_config(capdict: Dict[str, Any]) -> CapabilitiesConfig:19 config = CapabilitiesConfig(20 receive=capdict.get(Capabilities.RECEIVE.value, True),...

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