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...46 'instance_name': ('SRNd', 11)47 }48 self.config = self.init_srnd_config(def_config)49 self._use_psutil = psutil_import_result and not self.config['use_chroot']50 self._init_sysinfo()51 # install / update plugins52 self.log(self.logger.INFO, "installing / updating plugins")53 for directory in os.listdir('install_files'):54 copy_tree(os.path.join('install_files', directory), os.path.join(self.config['data_dir'], directory), preserve_times=True, update=True)55 #add data_dir in syspath and fix permission56 sys.path.append(os.path.abspath(self.config['data_dir']))57 # create jail58 os.chdir(self.config['data_dir'])59 # get initial owner60 init_owner = (os.geteuid(), os.getegid())61 # get owner62 if self.config['setuid'] != '':63 owner = (self.config['uid'], self.config['gid'])64 else:65 owner = init_owner66 # init feeds67 self.feeds = FeedsManager(log=self.log, logger=self.logger, infeed_config=self._load_infeeds_config(), infeed_debuglevel=self.config['infeed_debuglevel'])68 # test and fixing plugin dir permissions69 for directory in os.listdir('plugins'):70 dir_ = os.path.join('plugins', directory)71 try:72 self._permission_fix(0o755, owner, dir_)73 except OSError as e:74 if e.errno == 1:75 # FIXME what does this errno actually mean? write actual descriptions for error codes -.-76 self.log(self.logger.WARNING, "couldn't change owner of %s. %s will likely fail to create own directories." % (dir_, directory))77 else:78 # FIXME: exit might not allow logger to actually output the message.79 self.log(self.logger.CRITICAL, "trying to chown plugin directory %s failed: %s" % (dir_, e))80 exit(1)81 # create some directories82 for directory in ('filesystem', 'outfeeds', 'plugins'):83 dir_ = os.path.join('config', 'hooks', directory)84 if not os.path.exists(dir_):85 os.makedirs(dir_)86 # check for directory structure87 directories = (88 'incoming',89 os.path.join('incoming', 'tmp'),90 os.path.join('incoming', 'spam'),91 'articles',92 os.path.join('articles', 'censored'),93 os.path.join('articles', 'restored'),94 os.path.join('articles', 'invalid'),95 os.path.join('articles', 'duplicate'),96 'groups',97 'hooks',98 'stats',99 self.config['db_dir'])100 for directory in directories:101 if not os.path.exists(directory):102 os.mkdir(directory)103 self._permission_fix(0o755, owner, directory)104 # migrate db105 self._auto_db_migration()106 # fix all permission if owner change. it is a long time107 if old_owner != owner:108 self.log(self.logger.INFO, "onwer change, fixing all permissions...")109 self._deep_permission_fix(owner, '.', False)110 # protect some files from changes, if srnd dropping privileges111 if owner != init_owner:112 self._protect_files(init_owner)113 # base fixing permissions114 self._deep_permission_fix(owner, os.path.join('config', 'hooks', 'filesystem'), False)115 self._deep_permission_fix(owner, self.config['db_dir'], False)116 # init db manager117 self._db_manager = __import__('srnd.db_utils').db_utils.DatabaseManager(self.config['db_dir'])118 # importing plugins119 # we need to do this before chrooting because plugins may need to import other libraries120 self.plugins = dict()121 self.update_plugins()122 # start listening123 if self.config['bind_use_ipv6']:124 self.socket = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET6, socket.SOCK_STREAM)125 else:126 self.socket = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)127 self.socket.setsockopt(socket.SOL_SOCKET, socket.SO_REUSEADDR, 1)128 try:129 self.log(self.logger.INFO, 'start listening at %s:%i' % (self.config['bind_ip'], self.config['bind_port']))130 self.socket.bind((self.config['bind_ip'], self.config['bind_port']))131 except socket.error as e:132 if e.errno == 13:133 # FIXME: exit might not allow logger to actually output the message.134 self.log(self.logger.CRITICAL, '''[error] current user account does not have CAP_NET_BIND_SERVICE: %s135 You have three options:136 - run SRNd as root137 - assign CAP_NET_BIND_SERVICE to the user you intend to use138 - use a port > 1024 by setting bind_port at %s''' % (e, os.path.join(self.config['data_dir'], 'config', 'SRNd.conf')))139 exit(2)140 elif e.errno == 98:141 # FIXME: exit might not allow logger to actually output the message.142 self.log(self.logger.CRITICAL, '%s:%i already in use, change to a different port by setting bind_port at %s' % (self.config['bind_ip'], self.config['bind_port'], os.path.join(self.config['data_dir'], 'config', 'SRNd.conf')))143 exit(2)144 else:145 raise e146 self.socket.listen(5)147 if self.config['use_chroot']:148 self.log(self.logger.INFO, 'chrooting..')149 try:150 os.chroot('.')151 except OSError as e:152 if e.errno == 1:153 print "[error] current user account does not have CAP_SYS_CHROOT."154 print " You have three options:"155 print " - run SRNd as root"156 print " - assign CAP_SYS_CHROOT to the user you intend to use"157 print " - disable chroot in {0} by setting chroot=False".format(os.path.join(self.config['data_dir'], 'config', 'SRNd.conf'))158 exit(3)159 else:160 raise e161 if self.config['setuid'] != '':162 self.log(self.logger.INFO, 'dropping privileges..')163 try:164 os.setgid(self.config['gid'])165 os.setuid(self.config['uid'])166 except OSError as e:167 if e.errno == 1:168 print "[error] current user account does not have CAP_SETUID/CAP_SETGID: ", e169 print " You have three options:"170 print " - run SRNd as root"171 print " - assign CAP_SETUID and CAP_SETGID to the user you intend to use"172 print " - disable setuid in {0} by setting setuid=".format(os.path.join(self.config['data_dir'], 'config', 'SRNd.conf'))173 exit(4)174 else:175 raise e176 threading.Thread.__init__(self)177 = "SRNd-listener"178 self.dropper = dropper.dropper(179 thread_name='SRNd-dropper',180 logger=self.logger,181 master=self,182 debug=self.config['dropper_debuglevel'],183 db_connector=self._db_manager.connect,184 instance_name=self.config['instance_name']185 )186 self.start_up_timestamp = -1187 self.ctl_socket_handlers = dict()188 self.ctl_socket_handlers["status"] = self.ctl_socket_handler_status189 self.ctl_socket_handlers["log"] = self.ctl_socket_handler_logger190 self.ctl_socket_handlers["stats"] = self.ctl_socket_handler_stats191 self.hooks = dict()192 self.hook_blacklist = dict()193 self._feeds_lock = threading.Lock()194 def _auto_db_migration(self):195 # Work only for default plugins and db locations196 targets = (197 ('censor.db3', 'censor.db3'), ('dropper.db3', 'dropper.db3'), ('hashes.db3', 'hashes.db3'), ('postman.db3', 'postman.db3'),198 ('overchan.db3', os.path.join('plugins', 'overchan', 'overchan.db3')), ('pastes.db3', os.path.join('plugins', 'paste', 'pastes.db3'))199 )200 for target in targets:201 new_location = os.path.join(self.config['db_dir'], target[0])202 if os.path.isfile(target[1]) and os.path.isfile(new_location):203 self.log(self.logger.ERROR, 'DB migrator: {0} duplicate found {1}. If you copy {2} manually, delete {1}. If not - WTF!'.format(new_location, target[1], target[0]))204 elif os.path.isfile(target[1]):205 try:206 os.rename(target[1], new_location)207 except OSError as e:208 self.log(self.logger.ERROR, 'DB migrator: Error move {} to {}: {}'.format(target[1], new_location, e))209 def _deep_permission_fix(self, owner, path, only_dir=True):210 """Set permission and owner to all files and directories"""211 #TODO: 755 or 777? Or maybe 700212 mode_dir = 0o755 # rwxrwx-r-x213 mode_file = 0o664 # rw-rw-r--214 for dirpath, _, filenames in os.walk(path):215 self._permission_fix(mode_dir, owner, dirpath)216 if not only_dir:217 for file_ in filenames:218 file_link = os.path.join(dirpath, file_)219 if not os.path.islink(file_link):220 # ignore symlinks221 self._permission_fix(mode_file, owner, file_link)222 def _permission_fix(self, mode, owner, path):223 try:224 os.chmod(path, mode)225 os.chown(path, owner[0], owner[1])226 except OSError as e:227 username = pwd.getpwuid(self.config['uid']).pw_name if self.config['setuid'] else pwd.getpwuid(os.geteuid()).pw_name228 if e.errno == 1:229 warnings = (230 "can't change ownership of {}.".format(path),231 "If you want to run as '{}' user modify {} :".format(username, os.path.join(self.config['data_dir'], 'config', 'SRNd.conf')),232 "set use_chroot=False, setuid={0}, start SRNd root privileges(su, sudo etc.), stop, wait, and starting SRNd as {0} without root privileges,".format(username),233 "or change ownership manually eg. 'sudo chown -R {0}:{0} data/', or delete the data directory".format(username),234 "die."235 )236 self.log(self.logger.CRITICAL, '\n'.join(warnings))237 else:238 self.log(self.logger.CRITICAL, "couldn't change owner or permission of {}: {}".format(path, e))239 exit(1)240 def _protect_files(self, owner):241 mode_file = 0o664242 # Prevent add and load plugin after dropping privileges243 for dir_ in ('config', 'srnd'):244 self._deep_permission_fix(owner, dir_, False)245 # Prevent modify files and templates files - plugin can be reload246 # TODO: Protect all plugin files and directories, without tmp and out. Also, templates directory may be renamed in plugin config247 for plugin_dir in os.listdir('plugins'):248 for target in os.listdir(os.path.join('plugins', plugin_dir)):249 path = os.path.join('plugins', plugin_dir, target)250 if os.path.isfile(path):251 self._permission_fix(mode_file, owner, path)252 elif target == 'templates':253 self._deep_permission_fix(owner, path, False)254 def get_info(self, data=None):255 if data is not None and data.get('command', None) in self.ctl_socket_handlers:256 return self.ctl_socket_handlers[data['command']](data)257 else:258 return None259 def _get_sysinfo(self, target):260 result = None261 if target == 'cpu':262 if self._use_psutil:263 result = self._sysinfo['psutil'].cpu_percent(interval=None)264 else:265 result = 0266 elif target == 'ram':267 if self._use_psutil:268 result = self._sysinfo['psutil'].memory_info()[0]269 else:270 if self._sysinfo['ramfile'] is not None:271 self._sysinfo['ramfile'].seek(0)272 result = int(self._sysinfo['ramfile'].read().split(' ')[1]) * self._sysinfo['pagesize']273 else:274 result = 0275 elif target == 'disk_free':276 result = self._sysinfo['statvfs'].f_bavail * self._sysinfo['statvfs'].f_frsize277 elif target == 'disk_used':278 result = (self._sysinfo['statvfs'].f_blocks - self._sysinfo['statvfs'].f_bfree) * self._sysinfo['statvfs'].f_frsize279 return result280 def _init_sysinfo(self):281 self._sysinfo = dict()282 if self._use_psutil:283 self._sysinfo['psutil'] = psutil.Process()284 else:285 try:286 self._sysinfo['ramfile'] = open('/proc/self/statm', 'r')287 except Exception as e:288 self.log(self.logger.WARNING, 'can\'t open ram stat file at /proc/self/statm: %s' % e)289 self._sysinfo['ramfile'] = None290 if 'SC_PAGESIZE' in os.sysconf_names:291 self._sysinfo['pagesize'] = os.sysconf('SC_PAGESIZE')292 elif 'SC_PAGE_SIZE' in os.sysconf_names:293 self._sysinfo['pagesize'] = os.sysconf('SC_PAGE_SIZE')294 elif '_SC_PAGESIZE' in os.sysconf_names:...

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...114 description = 'Collects system information before/after the job is run'115 def __init__(self, config):116 self.sysinfo = None117 self.sysinfo_enabled = config.get('sysinfo.collect.enabled')118 def _init_sysinfo(self, job_logdir):119 if self.sysinfo is None:120 basedir = path.init_dir(job_logdir, 'sysinfo')121 self.sysinfo = sysinfo.SysInfo(basedir=basedir)122 def pre_tests(self, job):123 if not self.sysinfo_enabled:124 return125 self._init_sysinfo(job.logdir)126 self.sysinfo.start()127 def post_tests(self, job):128 if not self.sysinfo_enabled:129 return130 self._init_sysinfo(job.logdir)131 self.sysinfo.end()132class SysInfo(CLICmd):133 """134 Collect system information135 """136 name = 'sysinfo'137 description = 'Collect system information'138 def configure(self, parser):139 """140 Add the subparser for the run action.141 :param parser: The Avocado command line application parser142 :type parser: :class:`avocado.core.parser.ArgumentParser`143 """144 parser = super(SysInfo, self).configure(parser)...

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