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...37 func = Mock(side_effect=SSHError())38 dummy_method = basic_retry_handler((SSHError,), retries=retries, interval=interval)(func)39 # A wrapped method should raise the last exception hit when retries are exhausted40 with pytest.raises(SSHError):41 dummy_method()42 assert func.call_count == retries43@pytest.mark.L144@pytest.mark.test_retry_handler45def test_basic_retry_handler_with_incorrect_exception():46 """Test the basic retry handler that hits an exception that's not in the passed-in list of47 exceptions.48 Steps:49 1) Create a mocked function50 2) Decorate the mocked function that has an DummyException side effect with the basic retry51 handler that retries on SSHError52 3) Validate that the wrapped function fails with a DummyException exception53 4) Validate that the wrapped function was called only once54 """55 class DummyException(Exception):56 """Dummy exception used for test."""57 func = Mock(side_effect=DummyException())58 dummy_method = basic_retry_handler((SSHError,), retries=3, interval=0)(func)59 # A wrapped method should raise the last exception hit when retries are exhausted60 with pytest.raises(DummyException):61 dummy_method()62 assert func.call_count == 163@pytest.mark.L164@pytest.mark.test_retry_handler65def test_functional_callback():66 """This test exercises a custom callback that executes after a successful execution of a67 basic_retry_handler wrapped function.68 Steps:69 1) Mock the functional callback of the TestCallbackHandler70 2) Execute the wrapped function71 3) Make sure the return value from the wrapped function is correct72 4) Assert that the callback function `run_after_function` was called only once73 """74 test_callback = DummyCallbackHandler()75 test_callback.run_after_function = Mock(return_value="Yay!")76 func = Mock(return_value="Functional Success")77 dummy_method = basic_retry_handler((SSHError,), callback=test_callback)(func)78 # Execute the method79 assert dummy_method() == "Functional Success", "Failed to get the correct return value"80 # Make sure the wrapped function was called only once81 assert func.call_count == 182 # Validate mock function was called83 assert test_callback.run_after_function.call_count == 184@pytest.mark.L185@pytest.mark.test_retry_handler86def test_exception_callback():87 """This test exercises a custom callback that executes after a failure is captured inside the88 basic_retry_handler89 Steps:90 1) Mock the exception callback of the TestCallbackHandler91 2) Execute the wrapped function92 3) Make sure the wrapped function raises the final exception (SSHError)93 4) Assert the callback function `run_after_exception` call count equals the number of retries94 """95 # Need something > 0 to validate the retry mechanism is working96 retries = 397 # Setup the Callback handler98 test_callback = DummyCallbackHandler()99 test_callback.run_after_exception = Mock(return_value="Registered Failure!")100 # Setup a mock function to wrap101 func = Mock(side_effect=SSHError())102 # Wrap the mocked function with the basic retry handler103 dummy_method = basic_retry_handler((SSHError,), retries=retries, interval=0,104 callback=test_callback)(func)105 # Execute the method106 with pytest.raises(SSHError):107 dummy_method()108 # Validate the function was called the same number of retries109 assert func.call_count == retries, "The mocked function was called a different number of times " \110 "than specified with the retries variable"111 # Validate mock function was called112 assert test_callback.run_after_exception.call_count == retries, "The exception callback count " \113 "does not equal the number of " \114 "retries"115@pytest.mark.L1116@pytest.mark.test_requests_handler117@pytest.mark.parametrize("test_exception", poke.COMMON_REQUEST_EXCEPTIONS)118def test_requests_retry_handler(test_exception):119 """Test the basic retry handler without a callback handler to make sure it behaves as expected.120 Args:121 test_exception (parameter): The type of exception to raise...

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...23 self.called = False24 = self.dummy_method25 = self.dummy_method26 = self.dummy_method27 def dummy_method(self, *args, **kwargs):28 self.called = True29 def testNotificationCommand(self):30 """Check if send_message is triggered for tested commands"""31 data = {'text': 'Some notification', 'subject': 'It is optional', 'url_list': []}32 cmds = []33 cmds.append(commands.NotificationCommand([""], data, True))34 cmds.append(commands.NotificationCommandI18n([""], data, True))35 cmds.append(commands.GetPage("", "TestPage"))36 cmds.append(commands.GetPageHTML("", "TestPage"))37 tmp_cmd = commands.GetPageList("")38 = ""39 cmds.append(tmp_cmd)40 tmp_cmd = commands.GetPageInfo("", "TestPage")41 = {'author': 'dude', 'lastModified': '200708060T34350', 'version': 42}...

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