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...6"""7import commands8import os9import shutil10def get_temp_file_path(file_path):11 """12 Generates a temporary filename13 """14 return file_path + '.tmp'15def make_temp_file_copies(file_paths):16 """17 Creates temporary copies of the provided files18 """19 for file_path in file_paths:20 temp_file_path = get_temp_file_path(file_path)21 shutil.copyfile(file_path, temp_file_path)22def del_temp_file_copies(file_paths):23 """24 Deletes all the provided files25 """26 for file_path in file_paths:27 temp_file_path = get_temp_file_path(file_path)28 os.remove(temp_file_path)29def parse_unified_diff_output(lines):30 """31 Parses the unified diff output of two files32 Returns a pair of adds and removes, where each is a list of trimmed lines33 """34 adds = []35 removes = []36 for line in lines:37 # ignore filepaths in the output38 if (len(line) > 2 and39 (line[:3] == "+++" or40 line[:3] == "---")):41 continue42 # ignore line range information in the output43 elif len(line) > 1 and line[:2] == "@@":44 continue45 # gather adds46 elif len(line) > 0 and line[0] == "+":47 added_line = line[1:].lstrip().rstrip()48 if len(added_line) == 0:49 continue50 adds = adds + [added_line]51 # gather removes52 elif len(line) > 0 and line[0] == "-":53 removed_line = line[1:].lstrip().rstrip()54 if len(removed_line) == 0:55 continue56 removes = removes + [removed_line]57 return (adds, removes)58def extract_config_changes(file_paths, compared_file_paths=[]):59 """60 Extracts diff information based on the new and61 temporarily saved old config files62 Returns a dictionary of file path and corresponding63 diff information key-value pairs.64 """65 changes = {}66 for i in range(len(file_paths)):67 temp_file_path = get_temp_file_path(file_paths[i])68 if len(compared_file_paths) > i:69 command = ("diff -U 0 -b " + compared_file_paths[i] + " " +70 file_paths[i])71 else:72 command = "diff -U 0 -b " + temp_file_path + " " + file_paths[i]73 (_, output) = commands.getstatusoutput(command)74 lines = output.split('\n')75 changes[file_paths[i]] = parse_unified_diff_output(lines)76 return changes77def assert_config_change_dict(actual_result, expected_result):78 """79 Calculates unexpected line changes.80 The arguments actual_result and expected_results are of81 the same data structure type: Dict[file_path] --> (adds, removes),82 where adds = [added_line, ...] and removes = [removed_line, ...].83 The return value has the following structure:84 Dict[file_path] --> (unexpected_adds,85 not_present_adds,86 unexpected_removes,87 not_present_removes)88 """89 change_diffs = {}90 for file_path, actual_changes in actual_result.items():91 expected_changes = expected_result[file_path]92 actual_adds = actual_changes[0]93 actual_removes = actual_changes[1]94 expected_adds = expected_changes[0]95 expected_removes = expected_changes[1]96 # Additional unexpected adds -- they should have been not added97 unexpected_adds = sorted(set(actual_adds) - set(expected_adds))98 # Not present expected adds -- they should have been added99 not_present_adds = sorted(set(expected_adds) - set(actual_adds))100 # Additional unexpected removes - they should have been not removed101 unexpected_removes = sorted(set(actual_removes) - set(expected_removes))102 # Not present expected removes - they should have been removed103 not_present_removes = sorted(set(expected_removes) -104 set(actual_removes))105 change_diffs[file_path] = (unexpected_adds, not_present_adds,106 unexpected_removes, not_present_removes)107 return change_diffs108def assert_config_change(actual_result, expected_result):109 """110 Wrapper of the upper method returning boolean true if no config changes111 were detected.112 """113 change_diffs = assert_config_change_dict(actual_result, expected_result)114 for file_change in change_diffs.values():115 for line_change in file_change:116 if len(line_change) != 0:117 return False118 return True119def print_change_diffs(change_diffs):120 """121 Pretty prints the output of the evaluate_config_changes function122 """123 diff_strings = []124 for file_path, change_diff in change_diffs.items():125 if not (change_diff[0] or change_diff[1] or126 change_diff[2] or change_diff[3]):127 continue128 diff_strings.append("--- %s" % get_temp_file_path(file_path))129 diff_strings.append("+++ %s" % file_path)130 for iter_category in range(4):131 change_category = change_diff[iter_category]132 if iter_category == 0 and change_category:133 diff_strings.append("*++ Additional unexpected adds")134 elif iter_category == 1 and change_category:135 diff_strings.append("/++ Not present expected adds")136 elif iter_category == 2 and change_category:137 diff_strings.append("*-- Additional unexpected removes")138 elif iter_category == 3 and change_category:139 diff_strings.append("/-- Not present expected removes")140 for line_change in change_category:141 diff_strings.append(str(line_change).encode("string-escape"))142 return "\n".join(diff_strings)

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...4import os5# write file with content6def write_to_temp_file(content, ext):7 name = str(uuid4())8 path = get_temp_file_path(name=name)9 fpath = '{0}.{1}'.format(path, ext)10 with, 'w', encoding='utf-8') as f:11 f.write(content)12 return name13# clear temp file14def clear_temp_file(name):15 if '..' in name or name in ['*', '']:16 raise Exception('Security exception')17['rm', '{0}*'.format(get_temp_file_path(name=name))])18def get_temp_file_path(dir='', name = None):19 _dir = os.path.join('/tmp/ace', dir)20 try:21 os.makedirs(_dir)22 except OSError:23 if not os.path.isdir(_dir):24 raise 25 return os.path.join(_dir, name) if name else _dir26def get_executable_path(name):27 return get_temp_file_path(dir='executable')28def get_simulation_problem_file_path(problem_id):29 dir = os.path.join('simulation', 'problems', problem_id)30 return get_temp_file_path(dir=dir, name='solution')31def get_analysis_problem_file_path(problem_id):32 dir = os.path.join('analysis', 'problems', problem_id)33 return get_temp_file_path(dir=dir, name='solution')34def get_simulation_problem_graphs_path(problem_id):35 dir = os.path.join('simulation', 'problems', problem_id, 'graphs')36 return get_temp_file_path(dir=dir)37def get_simulation_problem_submission_file_path(problem_id, submission_id):38 dir = os.path.join('simulation', 'problems', problem_id, 'submissions', submission_id)39 return get_temp_file_path(dir=dir, name='solution')40def get_analysis_problem_submission_file_path(problem_id, submission_id):41 dir = os.path.join('analysis', 'problems', problem_id, 'submissions', submission_id)42 return get_temp_file_path(dir=dir, name='solution')43def get_simulation_problem_submission_graphs_path(problem_id, submission_id):44 dir = os.path.join('simulation', 'problems', problem_id, 'submissions', submission_id, 'graphs')...

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